Monday, 30 April 2012

It just gets better!

I went to the vet today to get some dog food and also to visit the sheltie girl that I rescued.  She had a bath yesterday.  She must be feeling so good.  When we first took her, she was too weak to even have a bath, it might have killed her.  Now that she is well and strong, she was ready for a bath.  She has put on almost 1kg, which is fantastic.

She is courious and always wanting to explore, she can walk very well too.  I took some pictures of her today.  Not really great ones as she was moving about but at least you could see how different she is now.  3 weeks ago she was skin and bones.  Here are some pictures of her.
This is the rescued sheltie at the vet.  This photo was taken 3 weeks ago.  At that time she had been at the vet for a week.  If you think this picture is bad, you should have seen her 7 days earlier.

This is what she looks like TODAY, can you see the difference?

Getting her nails cut.

Oh also, remember the nest I found a few days ago in my garden.  Look at the birds now!  Look at how different they are.  Beautiful!  Yesterday while I was playing with the pups, I wondered where does the mother bird sleep at night, I went to peep and saw her there to, hahaha. I went - "opps sorry mummy bird"  I see the daddy too every morning.

The baby birds 3 days ago

The baby birds today, see the difference?  They are so cute!

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Remember the sheltie I rescued from a bad situation?  You should have seen her today!  I went to visit her.  Her eyes was all sparkly, she was strong,  she could stand and walk well, eat well and she came to me when I called her as if she had known me all her life!  She was a bag of bones when I got her, now I cant even see her ribs anymore!  Her coat has grown and is looking beautiful!  Most important of all, her eyes.  When I looked into her eyes when I first got her, it was like looking at something that was barely alive but its soul has died.  Now, its like magic!  Made me so happy looking at her eyes.  She seemed so happy. 

Also I thought it was going to be hard for her to trust humans again, but thanks to my vet and his assistant who have been giving her lots of tender loving care, she is "alive" again.  She is going to do well in any home. 

I will take a picture of her soon.  I am just so happy for her.  Have a great evening!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Daisy's Baby - 5 days old

Daisy's little boy will be 5 days old tomorrow, he is growing well, very beautiful, gorgeous markings and look at that shiny coat!  Here is a picture of him taken today.

Alison went to her new home today.  We also had a visitor who came to visit Laura, Lady and Gracie, they had fun playing in the garden.  Here are some shots taken in the garden. Lady will be going to her new home soon.  Also the sheltie that I rescued, she too is going to her new home in a few days time.

My Girl, Laura, waiting for the ball

This is Lady, she too was playing ball and got tired and so it was rest time.

Pretty girl, Gracie.

Oh and look what I found in the garden!  I been watching a pair of birds always going into the hedge and today I looked closely and found a nest!  Good thing is that the baby birds are cared for and I dont need to this time hahaha...They dont seem to be bothered that the dogs are out there, maybe they intentionally built a nest there knowing that the dogs are there and no cats will come and harm or eat the baby bird!  Clever birds!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Daisy's Baby

Daisy gave birth to one precious baby boy yesterday.  Josh is the daddy to this pup. The pup is such a wee fella but when it comes to feeding time, he is like a bull, hahaha, which is good!  Daisy gave birth at 3pm, so I am really happy that I didnt have to stay awake the whole night.  I will need to think of a name for him.

Today we went to the vet, to get Daisy checked and to get the pup's dew claw removed.  Puppy was sleeping the whole time.  I made sure he was fed before we left the house.  I took some pictures of him today.

Aimee's pups are playing outside now, I gave them one raw hide just to play with and one of them is running all over the garden with it in the mouth and not letting the others have it, hahaha, its hillarious to watch them do such things.  One of Aimee's pup, now named Lady by her new owners will be going to her new home soon.  Apart from that, I have decided that I will keep Blossy's last pup.  She melts my heart.  I have never seen a pup like her before, she behaves almost like an adult, very mature, very gentle,  very loving and affectionate, very well behaved and she comes to you gladly when called.  I have decided to call her Laura.  Its a beautiful name and whenever I call her she would come.  She is just a sweet sweet dog.  I hope my human friend, Laura, wont kill me, hahaha....

Here  are some pictures.  Going to take forty winks before I feed them.  Have a great evening!

This is Lady when she was a wee puppy, she has grown and is a very beautiful girl now.  She is the only bi black sheltie girl in the country.

Daisy's pup, a day old

Daisy's pup back view

My angel, Laura

My baby Laura, she is a real lady.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Scottie boy

Scottie boy has left for his new home today. His new owners were very pleasant and showed lots of concern in making sure they do everything right for him from feeding to grooming etc. So I am very pleased. He will have two other doggies to play with, a dalmation and a pekingese.

It was a busy morning, sorting the dogs and the pups, then I went to get a haircut, said goodbye to Scottie, went to visit my nephew and my niece and had a good laugh with them, then came home and see to my beloved dogs.  I fed them their dinner and Daisy didnt finish her food. She ate a little.  Its a sign she will be giving birth soon.  She is due anyday this week.  I hope she gives birth during the day as it will make things a lot easier.

After Daisy, I might breed Jenna and after that I would probably stop for a wee while to rest and hopefully go on a holiday.  I remember, 6 years ago when I only had Blossom, I went to Chiangmai for a short holiday. I left her with my parents for 3 days. I know she be safe with them but I was thinking about her all the time so much that I didnt enjoy my holiday at all.  I would call my mum to check on her everyday.  As soon as I arrived back home, Blossom was having a training session with the dog trainer (an ex police dog trainer) she was doing, 'sit' then 'down' then she saw me, she RAN to me and licked me and she was wagging her tail, hahah, training session "failed" for the day, hahaha. I didnt mind, I missed her and so did she, for that day she was "allowed" to disobey the trainer.  And the other time when I went to Hong Kong and left Blossom with my vet, the same thing happened. So I am really not sure how I am going to really enjoy my holiday when I leave the whole lot of them now, hahaha.  That would be a real challenge. But we'll see. I will probably stop breeding altogether in a couple of years time.

Ok, I shall go and get something to eat, I have some very nice and sweet juicy indian mango.  I love them, they are so sweet, flavourful and so aromatic.  I will keep you posted on Daisy...goodnight!

Scottie Boy

Friday, 20 April 2012


I have never been to Croatia but I was told it is a very beautiful place.  I would like to go there one day.  Who knows I might like it there better than Scotland hahaha. I got a little gift that is hand made from Croatia and I think it is beautiful!  Here is a picture of it.  I really like it.

Front View

Side view

Back view

I had a busy day as usual, running around making sure I do everything right and going to the chiroprator again for my hand, it is getting a lot better, so am very happy about that.  Had to get Willie and Porsh ready as their owners came for them today. Now finally I got some time to myself and trying to relax a little before I start doing more work.

Willie Boy


The sheltie that I rescued a couple of weeks ago is doing well and will be going to her new home in less that two weeks from now.  She will be living up in the highlands. Ok, I better go and hang the washing, then play with the pups then off to somewhere nice for North Indian food tonight.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Found a home!

Remember the sheltie I rescued a couple of weeks ago?  While she was recovering at the vet, I was already thinking of where to place her and who would be suitable to take her.  At first I thought of taking her home, but then after thinking, I feel that she would be best be in a home where she would be the only dog so she can get all the attention in the world.  She lived in a cage all her life and was made to be a breeding machine, didnt have much human contact and affection, she will need someone who can give her time and make her trust humans again.

A few days ago I had someone called me about my pups but then he read about the shetie at the vet that I rescued and he asked if he could adopt it and give it a home. He told me about himself and his experiences with dogs and he was willing spend the time to make her a great pet.. So I think we have found her a home.  The person was willing to accept my conditions to adopt her and will keep me updated on a monthly basis, which is great.  I would have to speak to the vet about spaying her before she goes to her new home.

I visited her again yesterday, she is just getting better and better. I am going to visit her again now and speak to my vet about her and when she can go home.

I am already excited for her, she would be living up in the highlands!!!  How I wish I could stay there, where its nice and cool.  The weather is absolutely madness at the moment.  Its just too hot for me!!

Will keep you posted on how the sheltie girl is doing, have a great day.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Port Dickson

We went to Port Dickson today!  We went to visit, Blossy, Enya and Glory.  I was really happy to see them all, especially Blossy.  Enya is so cute and adorable, still very cheeky and Glory is an angel.  They all look lovely, so happy and full of energy.  We sat and chat with my friends, talking about this 3 girls and all the funny things they do to make us laugh.

It was a busy day for me, after our chat, I had to rush to see the chiropractor as I had an appointment with him then rush home and see to the pups and my doggies.

Enya, Glory and Blossom went on the computer and made something really special for me. Thank you girls, you girls are wonderful.  I will frame it up. I will come visit the 3 of you again soon!  Till then be good and take care...your sister Sunshine sends her love! And Kisses to mama Blossy from baby Sunshine.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Tough decision!

All of Blossy's pup has left for their new homes, except Caledonian Sunshine.  I intentionally kept her to see if I could part with her.  All shelties are special, but she is extremely special!  What is it?  I really cant describe it.  Its like she is hooked to me and its hard to let her go and I just cant explain it.  There is just something really special in her.  I think I am going to keep her a little longer and see how things goes.  I been thinking of a name for her.  Was trying to decide between Sarah and Laura, but I still have not decided.

She is very beautiful, fantastic personality, very loving and affectionate, so well behaved and she does behave like a show dog too. 

Hmm, this is going to be tough.  My friends visited me yesterday, they were thinking of a 3rd sheltie!!  They already have two now. hahaha...they were crazy about my bi black puppy, (Willie) so they are thinking long and hard if they can have sheltie number 3 now.  They said Sunshine girl is really adorable too, but I said, you can choose anyone of them but not her, hahaha.

I received an email from the owners of one of Blossy's pup who is about over a year old now.  She sent me a video of her playing.  Her name is Precious.  Watching the video made my day.  Precious is so beautiful and she is so happy.  She is so well groomed and so well cared for.  I am so happy and proud.  They also told me that everyone who met Precious, loves her.  Her owners told me that she is very smart and very well behaved.  I am so happy that their owners are happy and she is one happy and beautiful dog too.

This is the girl that I am having trouble to let go.  Look at her eyes and then perhaps you can see why I am having such trouble to let her go.

Little sunshine girl when she was a few weeks old

Little sunshine girl when she was about a month old

Little sunshine girl now.

Everytime I look at her, she takes my breath away!

Friday, 13 April 2012

The Sheltie I rescued

Remember the sheltie I rescued more than a week ago? She is now on kibbles only, willing to eat and she can stand properly now.  She is still not 100 percent but is SO much better than what she was..She was skin and bones, malnourished, had maggots in her ears, ticks on her body and couldnt even stand properly.  I visit her everyday and check with my vet everyday on her progress.

Today we weight her and she has put on some weight, which is a great sign.  When she came in, she was only 5kg!!  She is about the same built and size of Jenna, and Jenna is almost 9kg and this rescued sheltie is only half of that.  Jenna's weight is perfect, which means this sheltie should weigh at least the same as her.  She is still being treated and she would still need to be on medication for another two weeks.  But I am very happy to see some difference in her everyday and she is improving each day.

I didnt take a picture of her when she first came in to the vet, firstly I was too busy getting her well and secondly I kept forgetting my camera.  Today, more than a week later, I managed to take a picture of her.  This picture was taken today.  If you think she is in bad shape, judging on how she looks in the pic today, if you had seen her a week earlier, you would be sick!  I was!!

I dont even know her name, she probably never had a name too.  I just call her Sweetheart, whenever I see her and whenever I talk to her.  All shelties have a sweet heart.

This is what she looks like today.  I am going to make sure she looks like a proper sheltie again.  With a smile on the face.

At the vet (the sheltie I rescued from a bad situation)

Look at her body!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Updates on the rescued sheltie

I went to see the poor girl today.  The vet says she is doing much better everyday, eating well and eating the best food.  She is no longer fussy about food and is willing to eat kibbles now.  She sleeps alot.  Its her body telling her to rest to recover.  Everything is good so far.  She has more strength now.  She even got up to see what was going on with the pup who got excited who was living next door to her.  Thats a great sign.  My friend suggested we call her Annie as it reminded her of a kid who was treated badly but then had a great life after that.  But I have a friend name Annie and she would probably kill me if I did call the sheltie, Annie, hahaha, anyway it would feel weird if I call her Annie and if she ends up with me and if my friend Annie comes over to visit, there will be confusion!!!, hahahaha..

I meant to take a picture of her but I keep forgetting my camera, I am just so busy doing 100 things at one time.

I will take a picture of her in the next couple of days.

Monday, 9 April 2012


I have been super busy, even more so after I found out about a sheltie that needed to be rescued from a bad situation.  I didnt know how bad she was until I saw her with my own eyes.  The cost to "rescue" her was no more that what it would cost to have Champagne brunch at the Ritz Carlton for one person! Thats what her life was worth to the person who had her! It made me sick.

She was brought to my vet, and when she arrived, I cried seeing her in the condition she was in.  She was skin and bones, nothing else.  She could hardly stand, she had maggots in her ears and she had pneumonia.  She was severly malnourished as well.  I could see her bones, imagine seeing bones on a sheltie!!!

My vet treated her and gave her some vitamins to make her stronger.  I fed her immediately. She didnt even have the strength to eat.  She didnt want to eat the kibbles and I just wanted her to eat something to get her well, so I gave her a can of dog food.  She ate a little and just slept.  When I tired to pet her, she put her head so low as if I was going to hit her.  She must have been abused.

On the second day when I visited her at the vet, I spoke to her alot, trying to make her have some faith in humans again.  I promised her that she would never suffer again and that all she is going to get now is a home and love.  She will never have to worry about when her next meal would be or when would she get beaten up again.

Today is the 3rd day, she ate like a pig and she was even willing to eat the kibbles which is fantastic. She can stand better now.  Today when I spoke to her, she walked two steps forward and stoped.  Although she didnt come running to me, but for her to actually walk two steps ahead says everything.  I bet she has never walked on grass or know what the feeling is like to walk on grass.

The most important thing is she is showing signs of improvement, she is eating and responding to the medication and to human contact.  She also stopped weezing which is great.  It will be a long road to recovery, but I am not giving up on her.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Play time with the babies

The pups are out alot as they enjoy their time playing outdoor.  Its lovely to watch them play with each other, each time I walk pass they would come and see what I am up to and they would sit and wag their tail as if to say, come play with us, pretty pweeeessssss? hahaha, and so I would drop everything because I couldnt resist that face and would end up sitting in the garden playing with them, they would jump on me, wag their tail and they are so happy.  I would give them cuddles and throw a ball and at such a young age they would actually go for the ball and pick it up.

I really enjoy my play time with them, its priceless.

Here is a shot of them playing in the garden taken yesterday in the evening.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Copyright infringement

I was surprised to see a picture of MY DOG from MY website being used by someone else today on an advertisement after my friend told me about it. It seems that certain people do not seem to know or respect other people's work or property.  I do not tolerate and will not tolerate such things in the future.  I have asked the person to removed MY picture and he is to never use it again.  He even had the cheek to put his water mark on my picture.  I will not hesitate to take legal action should anyone else try to do this again.  He was using Daisy's picture to promote his puppies.  If you come across any of my pictures being used by someone else on an advertisement, please let me know and I thank my friend for alerting me on this today.


We took Aimee's pups to the vet today to get them vaccinated.  As usual, all were so well behaved and they slept in the car.  They made no fuss at the vet,  I took Blossy's pup, Sunshine to the vet too and when she saw the vet she wagged her tail.  Non of my dogs hate going to the vet unlike other dogs.  The vet is a place that they are used to and is of no threat to them.  They all love my vet.

I also taped Sunshine girl's ears today.  Now its looking very pretty.  Ear setting have to be done at the right time and age and have to be followed through to get the results we want.  I still get some callers thinking that their ears are naturally tipped.  If done correctly and at the right time, we get good results and nicely tipped ears.

I took some pictures of her today and here they are, tried stacking her on the table and it was no easy task.  She is a lovely and happy girl and I am excited to see how she will turn out to be.

I love her sparkly eyes and look at her ears, nicely taped to get that perfect sheltie ears

Little Sunshine stacking for me on the table.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Today as I was clearing out some of my things in the store room, opened one of my bags and saw all this!!  I knew I kept all my ribbons from the dog shows there but I didnt realise how many I had till now. hahahahha.... I already have some framed up on my wall but theres no way I could put them all up or else it will look like wall paper on my wall. hahaha...

So I decided, since they are all in perfect condition, I shall save the environment by "recycling" it.  I shall give it back to the kennel club so they may use it again since they are all well kept.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Oh my God! Another Bird!

Just when I thought my days of caring for birds are over, I have another one to care for, hahaha...A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I went over to her mothers place to get some things and we sat, had a chat and she told us about this bird that made a nest on one of her plants outside her garden.  It was a potted plant and wasnt big and tall at all, about 5 feet tall.  She showed us the nest and we watched from a distance.  The mother bird was a beautiful bird.  Sadly today the mother bird didnt come back to the nest, and when my friend's mum went to check outside, she saw lots of feathers on the floor and suspected a cat must have killed the mother bird and ate it.  Just to be sure, my friends mum waited the whole day observing the nest but she never came back, so she was quite certain the mother isnt coming back and its not a norm for the mother bird to leave the baby bird that long.

I got a call and my friend said, theres a baby bird, and I knew what it meant and so I said ok I am coming over..hahaha, so I picked the bird and its with me now in my home with its nest too!  The poor bird hasnt been fed since this morning and now it has been fed and now sleeping.  It is still a very young birds and dont have any feathers yet.  Hopefully I can raise it like how I raised Mr Bird and set it free.

Here are some pictures of the bird in its own nest.  While I was feeding it, I thought to myself, what a beautiful nest.  Its amazing what god's creatures can do.  Here is the baby bird.