Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Royal Canin Adult +7

My dear Boy, Sunshine is 8 years old this year and its time to change his food.  Royal Canin is so unique and specific and they have created different formula to suit a dogs needs based on breed/size and age.  As they get older, their needs change.  So he is now on the mature formula, (Adult +7)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Girls in England

We received more pictures from our friend in England. This time with two border collies.  They all look so happy and I am so glad :)

Sweet, loving Blossom, she is 8

Glory and Enya
The girls having fun with two new friends, the border collies.

Monday, 23 June 2014


Our friend and her shelties have arrived safely in the UK. They are all very happy in their new home.  Am very glad it all went well and they are all settled down now.  With the dry spell here, I wish I was there now too...haha...

Here's Blossom, Gracie, Glory and Enya in their new home.
This is the waiting area.  All set to go in their crates before they board the plane from KLIA

Glory, in England

Cute Gracie!

Gracie, Glory, Blossom and Enya

Monday, 9 June 2014

King #3

King #3 (Malaysian Champion Caledonian Wild Fire) came over a few days ago for grooming.  It was lovely to see him.  Last week, when we had visitors and their doggies, the cat we rescued ran to the back of the house and didnt come out till they left even though they were nice doggies, hahaha...but when King #3 came, the cat saw him and stayed put.  He probably said "oh he is one of us" hahaha...

King #3 was very nice and gentle to the cat.  Honey Bun was very happy to have King #3 over and they had a jolly good time playing.

King after a bath and groom and checking out the garden

Honey Bun being a good host and showing King 3 around (while the curious kitty watch them from the other side)

And the game begins!! Playtime!