Monday, 30 January 2012

I'm Sexy and I know it

Whitley asked for his sexy pictures to be posted today :) and here they are.  Whitley is now 7 months old.


Blossom still hasnt given birth, I reckon it would be either late today or tomorrow or the day after.  Yesterday, I couldnt sit still and was always checking on her.  In the evening she seemed very calm so I knew it wasnt time.  Yesterday while I was watching TV in the evening, my dogs started barking.  When ever they bark, it tells me something from the way they are barking.  A certain kind of bark would tell me something or someone is very very near and some other kind of bark could mean that someone or something is approaching.  What ever kind of bark it was, I could tell what they were trying to say.

When they barked yesterday, it was something really near, I thought it was a big lizard or a snake, and when I went out in the dark, I couldnt believe my eyes!  It was a bird in the middle of my garden and it wasnt moving!  I have no idea what kind of a bird it is, but it looked something like a King Fisher. It looked injured as I can see some feathers out of place.  I thought it was going to die and to be honest I really didnt know what to do and was affraid to go near it.

I just stood there and looked at it and went and got my camera, after that it looked a little better.  I took some pictures of the bird and went in to put my camera away and instructed the dogs not to bother the bird.

When I went back to the garden, the bird was gone and what a relief.  It means it could fly and is going to be ok.

Here is a picture of the bird.

My dogs have been out in the garden since 5am, they have been fed and now just lazing around in the garden.  I shall go out and sit with them and cuddle each and every one of them.  King loves cuddles.  He is such a sweet boy.  He will only come when called, whereas the others will just run and say  - ME, ME, ME hahahha and everyone wants to be the first to get a cuddle.

Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Anytime Now!

My dear Blossom is due to give birth anytime now.  For the past few days, she only ate half of what she has been eating.  Usually on the week that they are due to give birth they eat less but not all are the same.  Some would happily eat till the day they give birth.  They are all different and no dog is the same.

It is usually very exciting when pups are due, it can also be stressful not knowing when and worrying about the dog giving birth while I am sleeping.  However, being with dogs for so many years, I can somehow know when its time, whether I am sleeping or not!  I get this feeling inside that it is time and have been always right so far even without looking at the signs the dog is giving.

I remember one time a few years ago when Blossom gave birth to 6 pups, boy that was a very tiring time for me, as I have been on standby for three nights in a row and not sleeping too well.  Then when she finally gave birth at 2am, it lasted till 10am!  I was absolutely exhausted but happy that all is ok.  Her last litter was not too bad, quite fast, she gave birth at 3pm and the last pup was out before 9pm.

I hope she gives birth during the day, hahahha so I can focus and not half asleep, hahaha.  I shall post pictures once she has given birth.  I shall go and think of pretty names for them now.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Mr Bird

Remember Mr Bird?  He was last seen at my home with his girl friend, after that last visit,  I never saw him much in my garden but I could hear him outside my compound in the mornings.  Just when I thought he had forgotten about me,  he appeared!!  How wonderful it is to see him today,  he was really funny too.  As I was doing my daily brushing with the dogs, he was standing on the fence, he sang and then flew away.  It was as though he was saying -  I had not forgotten you, just busy with my family and I came to tell you that.  haha, what a lovely birdy.  he looks really great too.  Very pleased he is doing well.

As for the baby sparrow, she has grown, still not ready to fly yet.  I tried letting her go, but she wasnt ready at all, so I took her in and shall keep her a little longer.

Blossom is due anytime soon.  Her tummy is huge and the way she walk is so cute because of her tummy.  When I rub her tummy, she will make some wee funny noises and its hillarious and cute.  She is a great mum.  Soon I will be busy, busy busy!

The weather is a little crazy at the moment, one minute super hot, the next it rains!  If it rains and cools the weather its fine but, it didnt make a difference.  I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New year, May you be healthy and happy and have loads and loads of shelties! hahaha...

Here is what Mr Bird looks like today

Monday, 16 January 2012

More of Scotland!

I am really itching to go on a holiday.  Apart from that, I am really exhausted and deserve one.  My friend Ally, sent me more pictures and has just made it worse for me, hahahha...but the pictures are amazing.  I feel I am almost breathtaking!  Here are some of the pictures sent to me today.  Updates on little birdy - he is not so little anymore, he is always flapping its wings.  It will be a couple of weeks more before I can let him free.  He first need to learn to eat on its own and fly.

We went to the vet today, to get Blossom checked with an ultrasound machine.  She was such a good girl, didnt move and allowed the vet to do his job.  I saw some puppies dancing! hehehe...not long now before I get super busy.

The weather was terrible today, it was really really hot and humid.  The Scottish weather would be great for me.  I would rather have the cold weather.  I am sure my friends over there would gladly switch places with me, hahaha....

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 8 with the little birdy

The little birdy has been doing well and has been with me for a week now.  It is feeding well, always flapping its wings and has grown a lot, you can see it for yourself in the picture below.

Baby bird today.

Baby bird when I first took him home a week ago.

I have been extremely busy and I feel extremely tired and my whole body is aching.  Now I am dying for a holiday, hahha...all I can think of is my plan to visit Scotland.  I cant just pack and leave as I am responsible for my beautiful doggies at home, so I would have to plan way ahead and carefully, and leaving them only with people that I could trust 100 percent and would take care of them the way I do.  My friend from Scotland sent me these lovely pictures, boy, I really love Scotland!!  This time, when I go there, I want to take loads of pictures.  I actually have to thank my friend who made me crazy about beautiful pictures and good camera. know who you are.  I love taking pictures now.  Here are some lovely pictures that was sent to me today and its not helping as it is making me want to go on a holiday right now! hahaha... arent they just amazing?  Thank you Ally!

Monday, 9 January 2012


Today is Patrick's birthday!  He is a year old today.  Whitley, his best pal would like to wish him a happy birthday!  I got more pictures of Whitley this morning and here they are.

Whitley looking at Patrick and wishing him a Happy Birthday!!

Look at his sweet face!  No he is not behind bars, he is in his play pen sunbathing for 5 mins.

The little bird is doing fine and growing everyday,  I see a difference every morning and thats a good sign.  Here is the little birdy. When I first got him he was NAKED!! hahaha, look at him now.


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 5 with baby bird

The baby bird is doing extremely well.  In just a few days, he grew a lot.  I could tell because of its tail, its so much longer now.  Luckily the weather is quite pleasant today, not too hot.  I went to the groomers today with Blossom and had lunch with my newphew and niece and I had a great time with them.

The dogs are out in the garden playing and the little birdy has just been fed and is now sleeping.

I took a picture of Whitley smiling, hehe and here it is.

Whitley smiling for the camera

I love this pic, he is so funny, look at him trying to chew on a twig and look at his legs, hahahaha...

At the end of the month,  I am going to be super busy.  Dogs to care for, bird to care for and so many things to do.  I am also in the mids of planning a holiday to Scotland and also a sheltie party.

Whitley has grown so much now and has mature a lot.  Not long now before he leaves for Singapore, his new home.

I shall go play ball with the dogs now, have a great evening!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 3 with baby bird

I thought I would update everyone on baby bird.  He is doing well, grown a little, I think...he eats wholemeal bread soaked in some water.  In the water, I crushed some spirulina tablet and stir in the water.  I put spirulina in so that he gets some good stuff to grow well.

The weather now is just ridiculous!!  Past few months there were so much rain, and now all of a sudden, its so terribly hot!!  When I go out just for one second from my door to the car, it can give me a headache because of the heat.

The doggies are fine, maybe not too happy with the weather but its just something we have to tolerate.

Remember how I always say that I dont get to go on holidays? Well lately I been thinking I should! And I am planning one.  I would like to go to Scotland again, for the 8th time.  But this time with my camera! hahaha....I havent a clue as to when just yet, but I would like to go.  I am also thinking on having a sheltie party.  I would like to invite all my friends who owns  shelties over and it will be wonderful to see all the shelties gathered together and to take one nice picture of all of them.  I havent got any dates yet, but I am planning it.

I took a picture of the baby bird today and here it is.  And for the first time, I have bananas from my very own tree!  Very excited to try it.

Baby bird sleeping

Bananas from my own tree!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 2 with little baby bird

The little baby bird that I brought home yesterday is doing well.  It is feeding well too.  Baby is quite easy to look after at the moment.  I feed it every couple of hours or whenever I hear it call.  Its eyes are opened too.  It was shut yesterday when I took it home.

I have a lot to do once it gets older.  I would have to make sure it can eat on its own and fly before I could let it go.

The little bird is sleeping most of the time now and if not sleeping it is feeding.

I will post some pic of him again tomorrow.  Till then, have a wonderful evening.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A New Pet from Heaven?

Today was a busy day as usual.  When it was time for lunch, I went out with a friend and we had a good chat and lunch together.  When we were on our way to the restaurant,  I got a phone call from my sister in law.  She said she had found a baby bird!  And I was thinking to myself... I am not the lost bird hotline you know, hahahha.  She isnt going to look after it because she dont have the time and she knows that I wont leave the bird with them eventhough I really DONT have any time, so after our lunch we went to pick the bird up.

My brother was outside and suddenly something fell on his head.  At first he thought it was a lizard! hahaha but it was a baby bird!  Thats how they got the bird.  He couldnt find the nest and there is no way he can put it back even if he could see it.

The bird is still very young, and its eyes are still shut.  It is only begining to grow a bit of feathers.  In my life, even as a child  I have raised dozens of birds even as young as some without any feathers.  Looking after a baby bird isnt easy at all!!

At the moment, I am already overwhelmed with many things to do and now god has sent me a bird!  He is probably trying to see what I am made of, I think, hehehe.

Anyway, I shall raise this bird, and set it free as I always do.  Hopefully it will be well and fine just like Mr Bird. (the bird I raised and set free not very long ago)

Here is the little bird, its a wee sparrow.  I love sparrows, they are so cute.  I have raised 3 other sparrows before as a child.  I hope this wee fella is strong and grows well.  From the time I took it, it was sleeping, his tummy looks full so I figured he has been fed just before he fell.

He should be hungry anytime soon now and I shall go prepare something for it.  For now his name is BABY. Here is a pic of him.

This little fella is in a nice warm container with loads of cloth to keep him comfy and warm