Thursday, 27 December 2012

Oh Boy what a day!

Sorry for not updating for such a long time.  I have been very very busy.  Today, I thought I could finally have some free time, I was wrong again. When I was on my way out to deliver some things to my friend, I saw a Shih Tzu on the side walk. It didnt have any hair on its body and the skin was red.  He was also blind.  I was already running late for my appointment but I couldnt just leave that poor thing there. So I called my friend, the same guy who helped me pick Dande up from the horrible person.  He arrived within 45 mins.  While waiting for him, I was in my car right next to the dog.  I didnt want to leave because I was worried he might not be there or might get hit by a car since he cant see...

Then, finally when my friend arrived, he put the dog in his car and took it to my vet.  I couldnt touch the dog because I have Teddy at home with me.

When the dog arrived at my vet, he checked the dog and told me it was kinder to put it to sleep. I felt so sad...but I know it was the right thing to do and to end his suffering....He is definately not a stray. He was thrown out because he was blind and had a skin condition. Such a sad thing to do. Poor guy was so lost and being a house dog, he wouldnt know how to fend for himself.  But he dont have to suffer anymore, he is with god now.

Anyway, here is a picture of Mr Bear, just look at him, hahahaha...itsnt it hilarious? he is behind the curtain because he is guilty of doing something. Not sure what, only his daddy knows.

Friday, 7 December 2012

News from Mr Bear!

Remember Mr Bear?  The irresistable cutie pie?  He has grown so much and is 7 months plus now.  I have pictures of him and will show you what he looks like now.  Some of the pictures are taken with his pal, a tri colour sheltie.  His name is Lucky....Shelties are born looking like some sort of mice, hahaha...then they just get so so cute....then between the age of 5 - 8 months they can look a little bit on the odd side, sometimes looking neither here nor there.  For a sheltie to look its best, that is with top class nutrition, they look their best when they get to the age of 2 years old and above.  That is when they look their best.  Mr Bear's mum is Daisy and his daddy is Josh....

Mr Bear on the right, with his pal, Lucky

Mr Bear, 7 months plus

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Wow, I have not updated the blog for some time now.  I have been really busy....and really exhausted.  I might be expecting a litter soon.  After that I might put all breeding plan on hold as I am really needing a holiday and a break and to rest properly.  For the past few years, it has been really challenging. At some point I had two litters at the same time.  Yes, it may be easy for others because they either have help or they get people to do the job for them.  But not for me.  Caring for the pups and the dogs is my job,  I will never let anyone do it and I dont think anyone could keep up with the standards that I have for my dogs.  No matter how tired I am, my dogs get treated the same every single day.  Nothing less.  I only get help with house chores.

Today, two of Jenna's pups left for their new homes.  Lafite (Caledonian Heart of Gold) now lives with his new owners in JB and Caledonian Blossom (Camille) lives with her new owners in KL.

I had a busy morning doing my routine at the same time getting the pups ready before their owners arrive.

I shall go take a short nap now. Am so so tired.  I look forward to going on a holiday soon after the new litter arrives.

Have a good day!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Remember Him?

Remember Willie the dog who loves swimming?  Look at him, all grown now.  He is 9 months old now.  His lovely owners sent me some pictures of him.  I was told that he swims not only once but twice a day sometimes, he will pretend to accidently fall into the fish pond too sometimes to try and catch some fish! hahahaha....

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The unpredictable weather

We have had pretty unpredictable weather lately.  When you expect it to rain, it is all sunny and when you expect it to be sunny, it RAINS! Anyway, the weather was dry this morning so I managed to take some pictures of the pups today.  They have grown a lot and here are some pictures of them.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Truly, in her new home

I received a picture of Truly and her new pal, a bulldog.  Here it is.  Dont they look so sweet together?

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Good Morning!

What a lovely morning it is....I woke up, made myself a cup of tea and checked my email and I have pictures sent to me from my friend in Port Dickson.  She sent me pictures of her shelties. I love this picture.  It is so beautiful.

Thats Glory, Gracie, Blossom and Enya (they are all going through training in this pic, but look at Blossom! hahahaha...she feels she doesnt have to do it as she already knows, hahahha..

That is Harry training them.  They absolutely adores him.  Whenever Harry comes over, which is almost everyday, they will get super excited!  Gracie is a swimming dog....she just loves to swim and it was Harry who taught her how to and now if she dont get to swim, she would go get the towel and stay with the towel at the sliding door near the swimming pool and start to whine! hahaha...My friend Lisa takes really good care of them and I am very happy....

When I can, I would like to go and visit them again soon, perhaps in February but I will definately see Lisa before that as we are going to get some Christmas goodies together.

Porsh (Gracie's Brother) is coming to visit on Friday.  I cant wait to see him...I've not see him since he went to his new home.  That would be nice and exciting.  Have a wonderful morning! 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bright sunshiny day!

Wow, thats 3 days in a row and we didnt get much rain.  Its been sunny and nice in the afternoon, for a change!  I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the pup since we have good weather and got a couple of pictures for you to see what they are like now.  Truly (Caledonian Dancing In The Snow) has gone to her new home.  She have a doggie friend to play with, a one and half year old bulldog. Her owners informed me that they got along well and is doing fine.

Here are some pictures of the pups. Enjoy and have a great evening.

How can anyone resist this face?(when I was taking this pic, he was probably thinking, oh no pic taking time again??) hahaha....

Then, he was proabably saying, enough already!!

Then he went under the willow tree and gave me a wee howl! hahahah....

This is Teddy, a really sweet boy...

And the Queen.....

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Its that time of the year again!

Oh no....its that time of the year again where we get lots and lots of rain... I honestly dont mind the rain as it is nice and cool when it rains but my doggies have to go out and play and when it stops, I have no choice but to let them out and then when its time to come in, oh gosh thats when I feel I am going to faint! hahaha...if it was just one or even two or even four, not a problem...Try 11! hahaha..Oh well, life must go on.

This morning, it was nice and sunny and I thought to myself what a nice day....I did what I had to do and went out for a wee while and that changed in a blink of an eye.  It was so cloudy and dark and it started to rain AGAIN!

When it was nice and sunny this morning, I told myself, I had to take some pictures because if it continues to rain like this for weeks, I aint going to get any pictures!  So here, I only manage two.

This beautiful girl is Caledonian Dancing In the Snow, Her new owners have decided to call her -  Truly.  She will be joining them very soon.

This cheeky fella is one of my favourite, he is so entertaining

Sunday, 4 November 2012


I have news from King #2.  His owners are very happy with him and he is happy and comfortable in his new home.  He got along well with the other sheltie that they have.
Here is King in his new home with his daddy and his sheltie sister.

And we also have news from Whitley who is in Singapore!  Here is a picture of him.

So very happy to hear from them and to see that they are doing well..... I am off to bed, had an early start today....lot more to do tomorrow.  It didnt rain very heavily but it did rain.  I hope tomorrow will be a nice sunny morning.  Goodnight!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Am Happy

I have had a busy morning....As usually my morning routine, to groom the dog and tidy up.  Then I took King #2 to the groomers.  We have found a home for him.  His new owners met me near the groomers and we had lunch and chat while waiting for King to be ready. Ive know them for quite awhile now and this is not the first time we are meeting.  After our chat and lunch we headed to the groomer to get King.  King was very calm and happy to meet them.  After saying goodbye to him, I handed him over to his new owners.  I had a wee cry on the way to the groomers as I will miss him and he is indeed a very special boy.  He is such a loving and wonderful sheltie.  So calm and dignified, but I know he will be loved and well cared for.  He will now live with his human parents and he will have a little sheltie sister to play with too.  I hope to see him again soon when we meet at the dog park.  See you again soon King!

Friday, 2 November 2012

To have that perfect sheltie ears.....

Oh my, what a busy day I have had yesterday.  Took all four pups to the vet, to get them vaccinated and microchipped. Then, send them home, and rush for a facial appoinment.  We are geting a lot of rain now, sometimes a few times a day.  NOT GOOD!  it means not many pictures taken, short playtime outside and worst of all, when they do go outside, I have so much to do when I need to take them in....oh well, thats life...during the wet season.

I also got their ears taped to have that perfect sheltie ears.  They didnt give me much trouble, they allow me to do it quite easily.  Getting the ears tipped is no easy task, it has to be done correctly and diligently for at least 8 months. It may vary from one sheltie to another.  But if you leave it and then tape it later, it wont work.  Once it comes off, it has to be taped again immediately to get the best results.

I have a busy day tomorrow.  I may have found a home for King #2. Will see how it goes and will update everyone.

I coudnt take much picture after I got their ears taped as the weather was bad, but managed a few and here they are.  It rained so heavily a headache when I saw my garden!  Goodnight!  Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice sunny day, but I doubt it, hahaha....

Side view of Teddy Bear, isnt he handsome?

My cutie pie, he is getting sleepy, poor baby boy....such a beautiful face

Am not sure what is he doing there, hahaha....

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Shelties and Children

I have had shelties almost all my life.  I truly know what they are like.  They are amazing dogs.  What I love most about them is how loving and affectionate they are. Apart from that, they have a magical bond with kids, you have to see how they react with kids, they are so gentle and loving.

Here are some pictures taken a few days go.  Shelties and kids, they are just magical!

The little pup having a good time with the kids

King # 2 was so loving and gentle with the kids


Friday, 26 October 2012

Jenna's pups - almost 8 weeks old

Jenna's pups will be 8 weeks old next Wednesday.  They are so playful.  I dont think they ever get tired!  I took some pictures of them today playing in the garden.  King #2 is doing well.  He loves the pups.  He always uses his paw and invite the pup to play...He is a real darling.  Everyone loves him.  Ive not updated the blog for the past few days so here, loads of pictures to make up for it. hahaha...  Enjoy!  I am going to get their ears set on Wednesday too.

Look at them play, all 4 paws in the air!


This cheeky fella is watching them play
He knew they were going to come for him and then he plays dead, hahahah....

King loves the pups...he is playing with them...

I told you I was going to sit on your face didnt I!

Now take that for sitting on my face! hahaha...

Shhhhh....dont tell anyone am here

No one was hurt....hahaha, this is how pups play.... they learn during that process too....thats how they learn bite inhibition.  Their mum plays a very important role too.