Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Zoo!

At the weekend, we went to the Zoo!  I have not been there for ages! We went to the Zoo mainly because of my nephew and niece, they wanted to go...I was surprised at how much they are charging now.  The food was terrible and ridiculously priced.  Some of the animals seems happy and some of them, I feel their living conditions could be much better.  The weather was kind to us and we had fun.  We also had King#2 and his friend Nina over at our place on Saturday.  King#2 as usual was lovely and sweet as ever and Nina was happy to play with the pups and Aimee.  After a while of playing, it RAINED but it didnt stop us from having fun...hahaha..I took some pictures at the Zoo and here they are.


Monday, 18 March 2013

They have grown!

Hello Everyone! I have been busy again therefore the lack of updates on my blog...anyway I am back and the pups have grown so much and they all look so different now.  Last week, Caledonian Destiny (Cleo) left for her new home.  She has two rabbit friends at home!  I went to visit her a couple of days ago to pass something over, when she saw me, she was so happy and excited.  Lovely character she has got and very loving and affectionate.  Her ear tape was still intact.  I did it before she went to her new home and still looks perfect and I was so happy to see that.  She lives with a lovely family and has lots of running space.

Its been about 2 weeks since Caledonian Brave Heart (Cody) left for his new home.  He too lives with a wonderful family and they all love him so much.  Nothing makes me more happy when I hear from their owners and they always say how smart and lovely and loving they are...It makes me so so happy.

I also hear from the Tan family often....even after years they would send me video and photos of their dogs and tell me how they are doing and they are always very impressed and happy with their sheltie.  Mrs Tan owns a sheltie named King....yeah I know...another King and everyone is confused now, hahahaha...Ok let me get it straight...Caledonian King is also known as KING#2 so this would be King #3.  King#3 is the son of KING....Confused now?  hahahah...we will leave it as that.  King#3 is almost 2 years old, such a handsome boy.  His owners tells me he loves fetching ball and he even swim with their Koi in the Koi pond!  Another swimming dog!  Mrs Tan also have another doggie, a Chow Chow called Prince!  They both get a long very well like brothers.  I hope to see King#3 soon...His owners also told me he is such a good boy and very matured and well behaved.  They even made sure his ears were set and the result - they have that perfect sheltie ears...I am impressed as some owners tend to give up after a while.  Ear setting takes patience and perseverance.  Here is a picture of King#3, it isnt very clear as it is a photo from a mobile phone but am sure you can see that he has grown into a handsome young man...His mum, Blossom must be very proud.

And here are Aimee's pups, they have grown so much!  Here is what they look like now.

Auggie playing with his sister

What are you up to my dear Honey Bun?

This girl is a sweetie pie, very loving, I dont have a name for her yet.

My handsome Auggie boy

This one is definately a Queen

I was needing a collar for Honey Bun and I found this cute one, sweet isnt it?

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Aimee's pup - 2 and half months old

Sorry for the long pause...As usual, I have been really busy...and getting their ears set...when it comes off from rough play, I would have to redo them again and its no fun, hahaha...

Aimee's pups are now two and half months old.  They have grown beautifully...Caledonian Brave Heart (Cody) now lives with his new owners and he is not very far from me.  He left a few days ago...Today, my friend took her second sheltie, Caledonian Shooting Star.  This weekend, Caledonian Destiny will leave for her new home.

I took some pictures of them playing in the garden and here they are.  This will be my last litter for a very long time.  I am taking a break............So much to look forward to in the coming months and its time for some fun and excitement! Have a great weekend!

Hahahaha....look at her face, she is probably saying, ENOUGH ALREADY!