Monday, 24 March 2014

Honey Bun and her new pal

Honey Bun has got a new pal (the little pup we found) Here is the two of them having fun together.  The little pup is really cute, very loving and affectionate.  She loves being around me and love to cuddle up to sleep.

Honey Bun loves playing fetch.

I gave her a raw hide to chew

Aww....look at this picture, so sweet.  It looks as thought little pup was giving honey bun a kiss on her forehead.

Puppy: May I have the raw hide Honey Bun?  Honey Bun:  Nope!!   


Thursday, 20 March 2014

A home for this little cutie pie?

We found this little cutie pie.  She is very loving, very very intelligent, toilet trained and dewormed.  She will be vaccinated soon.  She is almost two months old. If you like to give her a home, please contact me. She will most likely be on the small side.  Thank you.


Friday, 7 March 2014

Bladder Stone/Uroliths

Did you know that the Miniature Schnauzer is prone to urinary concern (Uroliths/Bladder stone)? That is why Royal Canin formulated a diet specially for them to help maintain a healthy urinary system. Apart from that it helps maintain the coats natural colour and help maintain the Miniature Schnauzer's ideal weight.

Signs of bladder stones - pee with blood. Stones would have to be removed by vet (surgery) Bladder stones can be avoided through correct diet.