Monday, 27 May 2013

Lovely Sunday

It was a wonderful weekend for me.  I met Mrs Tan and her sheltie (King) He is now 2 years old. I have not seen him since he left me but Mrs Tan always kept in touch with me and sends me pictures of him from time to time.  He is Blossom's and King (Malaysian Grand Champion and International Champion Lastcastle's Ticker Tape son) From the pictures Mrs Tan sent me, I could see he is a lovely boy but yesterday when I saw him, Oh my god!  He is so so handsome.  Beautiful, just like his daddy...He is also a very loving boy and so well behaved...just perfect...He lives with an older Chow Chow and they get along perfect...Mrs Tan takes King to work with her everyday...Everyone at work loves him and the customers who comes in loves him too...He loves giving kids loads of kisses!

Oh, we also took Caledonian Habanera (now named Pixie by her new owner) to the dog show.  Her owner just wanted to expose her to the outside world as much as possible...I was up very early to get my dogs sorted, then left the house to be at the show..I only managed one picture of Pixie at the show...hehehe...She is a lovely girl. So full of love and always happy...

Friday, 24 May 2013

Landscaping Project!

My friend has a new project and wanted me to take some pictures for her...So yesterday, I woke up extra early, got the dogs sorted and left home to take some pictures.  Here are some pictures I took yesterday...I hope she likes it.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Is it ready??

Auggie and Honey Bun's ears were set when they were about 8 weeks old.  They are almost 5 months old now...Do you think their ears are ready?? haha... no...not yet...When there were more pups around, I had to tape their ears over and over again.  Sometimes almost everyday!!  Now that there is only Auggie and Honey Bun, I do get lucky sometimes when it last for 5 days...hehehe

Have a look at their ears, what do you think?

Honey Bun's ears almost done

Auggie's tape still intact...


Honey Bun looking at birds

Monday, 20 May 2013

My Evening with my friends...

Yesterday, I was free and so I thought I should meet up with my friends and their shelties.  Honey Bun is old enough to go out and socialise, so I decided to take her along with me....We went to the dog friendly park.  On weekends, there are lots of people and their doggies there.  We also saw another sheltie there.  A tri coloured one...He is so round and cubby he looks like a bear...very adorable.

On the way to the dog park, Honey Bun sat quietly by my side.  I was worried she would be car sick but she was fine...which was fantastic...She was such a well behaved pup in the car..  When we arrived, my friend and her hubby was already there...but I needed to spot them, so instead of looking for the humans, I look for the dogs as it is easier to spot...hahahaha...

We walk for a while and took some pictures then headed to the restaurant to have something to eat and drink.  My friend's doggies, King and Nina sat next to us while we eat and Honey Bun was super well behaved too.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Honey Bun was unsure for awhile but she was ok after that when we first arrived.  A Dachshund came running to Honey Bun and she was so excited and wanted to play with it.

After our meal, I pat King and Nina on the head and then headed home.  Honey Bun was so tired and she slept in the car.  When we arrived home, she was happy to see Auggie.  Here are some pictures taken yesterday.  Have a wonderful evening.

Honey Bun

Something has caught Honey Bun's attention

A Schnauzer puppy saying hello to King

Sweet Nina



Thursday, 16 May 2013

More on Auggie and Honey Bun

Auggie and Honey Bun have lost most of their puppy coat and have new coat now...This is the time it may look a bit flat but will get fluffier as they get older.  Their ears are looking good. Honey Bun and Auggie play together a lot...Here are some pictures of them taken today.  The weather is still miserable....hope it gets cooler soon and hope it rains soon too..

Next weekend is going to be exciting and fun and am looking forward to it.  Till then have a wonderful day!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Auggie and Honey Bun

Auggie and Honey Bun are 4 and Half months old now.  They have grown so much.  They are also getting their adult coat and losing their soft puppy coat.  They are also losing their baby teeth and getting their permanent this stage..everything looks neither here nor there....haha

We also have a 'guest' sheltie staying with us, we have named her Luna.  Her owners didnt want her anymore, so we took her in but we have not decided anything yet and will see how things goes before making any decision...

The weather is terrible right now.....its too hot!

Anyway here are some pictures of Auggie and Honey Bun, see how much they have grown.  Have a wonderful day ahead.

Honey Bun when she was a baby...awww

This is Auggie, dont you think he is the most adorable Gremlin ever? hahaha...

Honey Bun now.  Sweet girl she is...

Auggie and Honey Bun having fun!

Honey Bun:  Give me the ball, Auggie!!!