Thursday, 31 May 2012


Dande the rescued sheltie is going to her new home this Sunday.  I am really happy for her at the same time I will miss her a lot as she is a really sweet girl... Hopefully her new owners will send me pictures from time to time so I can see how she is doing and I am sure they will.

My friends who were caring for Dande for the past week have gone to Thailand for a business trip, so their shelties, Frolly and Pirate together with Dande are being looked after by our vet.  I went to visit them yesterday and Dande was so happy to see me.  Tomorrow we will go get them, send them to the groomers and then she will have another few more days with Pirate and Frolly and then off she goes to her new home, 4 hours away from us.  She will be the only dog there, hopefully one day they will get another sheltie for Dande so she have someone to play with.  She really loves playing with Pirate and Frolly.

In her new home she will have a huge compound to run and play.  I really love Dande, such a good girl.  Yesterday I went shopping to get her a few gifts.  I got her a bag of food,  A nice dog lead so she can go for walks and a collar too, shampoo, some raw hide for her to chew, a slicker brush and a comb so she can look pretty all the time.

Presents for Dande

Oh Dande, you are such a lovely girl, I am really going to miss you.....But you will be fine and well looked after and you will be happy.  I hope to see you again soon.

Last week, my friend Lisa told me that her dog, Blossom was acting very strangely at night.  She kept running around in circles and kept very close all the time, so my friend Lisa went out to check if there was anything unusual outside but there was nothing, so she went to bed with all her dogs. But Blossom kept waking her up many times during the night.  Then the next morning when she let her dogs out, she saw a 5 feet long King Cobra in the kitchen!!  Luckily Blossom was out and not able to go near and the pups were in the room and so my friend called someone to come and get the snake.  All went well and it was caught and everyone and every doggie was ok.  What a clever girl Blossom, she was trying to warn her owner as she knew the snake was there.  Dogs are so special and wonderful arent they?  A pack for GREENIES for you when I see you Blossy for a job well done!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Mr Bear herding sheep

Today Mr Bear would like to teach some pups out there on how to herd sheep.  Mr Bear got his first 'sheep' yesterday.  A BLUE one, hahaha....

Meet Mr Blue Sheep

Ok, step one - Sniff Mr Sheep's bum

Step 2 - Wait and see if he moves

Step 3 -  I waited and he didnt move, so I made him move by 'attacking him' hahahaha....

Step 4 - Stand in front of your sheep and pose for the camera (am feeling like a real hero, hehehe...)

Its been a fun morning, am tired and am off to BED

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Life at Shetland Pallows

Where is Shetland Pallows? hahaha...thats where Dande the rescued sheltie lives at the moment with her foster "parents".  She has been there for two days and is doing great and learning what living in a home is like.  On top of that, she has two shelties to play with, Frolly and Pirate.  Talking about Pirate, my friend and I went to the vet to pick him up yesterday, he got neutered and we thought he wouldnt be so playful when he gets home and sees Dande, but I was wrong.  He was so happy and wagging his tail as if nothing had happen at the vet, hehehe...which is fantastic.  Dande was of course happy to see another sheltie.

In the evening we took her to the park nearby for a walk.  When she saw us taking the leash, she got abit scared.  She wasnt sure what was happening.  So I calmed her down and showed her that leash means - going for a walk!  She walked well and was very well behaved but she wasnt sure what was happening. I couldnt blame her as she never had such a life.  A leash in the past may have been a rope or something where she gets bashed up.

When we entered the park, she was curious and checked out the surroundings.  We saw some beautiful ducks at the lake too.  After walking her at the park and taking some pictures we headed home.  She was happy to be home with Frolly and Pirate again.  I stayed on for a little while and fed the 3 of them.  I then had a drink and left for home.

It was a wonderful evening and its wonderful to see Dande getting better each day, trusting humans again and adapting to life in a proper home.  She is doing so so well considering what she has been through.  Everyone loves her.  Her foster parents love her very much too.  They say she is a real darling and a very sweet girl.  I agree!  I will visit her from time to time.  You are a great girl Dande.  You are going to be just fine.

Dande's current home

The beautiful park we went to

Ms Dande by the lake

Two beautiful ducks waiting to be fed

What a handsome boy

Two more swimming towards us for food

The two leaving us after feeding
A King Fisher by the lake

Another shot of this handsome boy, his name?  Mr Rubber duckie.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Baby Bear

Baby Bear is growing well and is super adorable.  He loves going outdoors now and playing in the garden with Laura.  Today, he is four and half weeks old and its time to introduce solid food to him and he absolutely loved it and ate it all in a minute, which is fantastic!

Today was a busy day, my friend and I went to the vet to take her dog home, he was neutered yesterday.  He lives with Frolly and when he arrived home and saw Dande there, he was wagging his tail and was so happy to see another sheltie.

I spent a few minutes watching them play.  Dande looks extremely happy, tail wagging and in a playful mood with Frolly and Pirate.

I took some pictures of Mr Teddy Bear today and he is so cute.  Everyday while I hoover, its a "challenge".  Why?  Because Mr Bear would look at me with his cute face and I cant resist and I would drop everything and go cuddle him and talk to him for a wee while. hahaha

Here are some pictures of him taken today.  Enjoy!  Am off to see Frolly, Pirate and Dande and take her for a walk in the park.  Have a wonderful evening!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Today, we went to get the rescued sheltie from the vet.  She was fit enough to go home and didnt need to be at the vet any longer.  Her new owners will come and get her in June, but from now till then, I wanted her to have a life at home.  She has been in a cage all her life and its time for her to have freedom.  This poor soul was rescued from the mill.  I was browsing the net and came across a sheltie for sale advert, (a month and a half ago) it was too cheap to be true, and so I knew she was no longer "useful" and they wanted to get rid of her.  I didnt know what she look like or what kind of a condition she would be in but I wanted to get her anyway.  From the price I knew she would be in bad shape.  True enough when she arrived at the vet, I cried looking at her poor state, she had maggots in her ears, had pneumonia, she was severely malnourished and couldnt even stand properly, she was so weak.  I could see her ribs.  I was determined to get her well and give her the life she deserves.  I told my vet to do everything he can for her.  My vet said if she had not been brought in to be treated, she would have died in a week.

In the begining, she was afraid of humans, she look like she has given up on people and on her own life.  She was just waiting to die.  I couldnt imagine how could someone do this to a dog or any animal for that matter.  I visited her regularly, talked to her and try to gain some trust.  At first she didnt even want to eat, a few days later, after being treated, she started eating and she put on weight.  She was treated and she recovered and then she had sparkles in her eyes.  Whenever I visted her she would come forward towards me.  I was so happy when I saw that.

After being at the vet for more than a month, she is finally out from a cage and can walk on land and get what she deserves.  I would have loved to have her in my home but I just couldnt at this moment and my friend who arent very far away from me agreed to foster her till her owners come to get her.  I am very grateful......

After we took her from the vet, we sent her to our favourite groomer and she got a bath and was groomed nicely while we have our lunch.  Then we picked her up from the groomers and went straight to my friend's home.  When we arrived, all she did was check out the garden, every inch of it.  Her tail used to be in between her legs always, but today, it was not, I was so happy to see her walking around the garden.  Then my friend let her dog out of the house to join this girl (temporarily called Dandelion) hahaha, it was my friend who called her that.  My friend's sheltie, Frolly, she is Blossom's girl.  My friend also have another sheltie boy, but he went to the vet today to get neutered, so he is not in the pic.

I was so happy to see Dande and Frolly playing.  I could see Dande was so happy, finally......I am really happy for her and I am glad god "brought" me to her that day.

I took some pictures of her and Frolly today.  Look how happy she is and how far she has come.  Dande's coat will grow in no time.  She is such a sweet girl, she was SO well behaved in the car.  What a wonderful day I have had!

Frolly's Garden

Dande's "New" Home

Dande, in the car, such a well behaved doggie.

Dande checking out the garden

Frolly (left) meeting Dande for the first time

Frolly giving Dande a kiss

Frolly checking Dande's ID hahaha

Frolly and Dande playing together

Look at her tail, she seem so happy to be free....FINALLY

Friday, 18 May 2012

Mr Bear

Mr Bear is 3 and half weeks old.  He is sooooooo adorable. Someone who had contacted me many months ago wanted a sable boy, saw his pic and fell in love with him.  He might go home with that person when Mr Bear is old enough.  I took some really cute pictures of him today and here they are.

Mr Bear posing for the camera

Mr Bear says: ok side profile, hahaha

Mr Bear trying to see whats going on outside his pen

Mr Bear's extremly cute face

Daisy, Mr Bear's mummy, giving him kisses

The weather is terribly hot!!  I hope it gets cooler soon.  Just way to hot for me.  I have been visiting the rescued sheltie,  she is doing great.  She is looking beautiful too.  I will get pictures of her soon and will post them.  She will go to her new home soon.  I am working on taking her out from the vet next week.  My good friends are willing to keep her in their home for a wee while till her owner come to get her first week of June.  At least she would have the opportunity to have two other shelties to play with and keep her company and give her a chance to feel what life is all about in a proper home.  I am very grateful to my friends who is willing to take her in for a while.  I will visit her daily.  I am also very very grateful to the person who will be giving this girl a home.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart......

Monday, 14 May 2012

Port Dickson #2

It was a busy day yesterday.  As usual in the morning, fed the dogs, played with them and then groomed them and then we got ready to leave for Port Dickson.  My friend was going to come over on Monday to take Gracie home but due to some car problems that she was facing, I thought we would drive up to Port Dickson instead and I can see the 3 girls too!  Although we couldnt stay long as we needed to go home and see to Daisy's pup, I still enjoyed going there and seeing them,  I do miss them very much.  I was so happy to see that they were all so happy running about, so well groomed and so well cared for.  They were all happy to see Gracie and it didnt take her a long time to join in the fun.  I didnt have my camera with me but my friend took loads of pictures.

Here is Gracie in her new home.

Laura is the only pup her age at home now.  She is fine though, she has got all the adults to play with and Jenna and Patrick loves to play with her.  Soon she will have baby Bear to play with.

Baby Bear is growing well and is a cutie pie.  He is so adorable especially when he make the cute little noise when he wants his MILK!  He is 3 weeks old today and here are some pictures of him taken yesterday.

Adorable isnt he?  The weather is a lot better now compared to a couple of weeks ago, it is still hot but not as hot.  At least at 4pm now, it is cool enough for them to go out and play, a couple of weeks ago, even at 6pm, it was still very very hot.

I am off to get something to drink and will sit in the garden and enjoy the nice cool breeze and play with my shelties. Have a good evening!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Wonderful News!

Today is a great day.  I have two wonderful news.  Firstly, the rescued sheltie has got somewhere to call home now.  She will have loads of running space and will be in good hands.  She will never have to worry again.  I am very happy for her.  I am very grateful to Lady's owner.  I told him about the rescued sheltie and he asked his dad if he would take her and he said yes.  The sheltie will go to her new home in a month from now.  We have loads of time to get her ready for her new home.

Secondly, Gracie is going to her new home soon too.  Not just any home BUT she will be joining, ENYA, GLORY AND BLOSSOM!!!  How awesome is that??  Blossom is going to be so happy as usual,  Enya and Glory will have someone new to play with and Gracie is just going to be so happy to be around them.

My little teddy bear is growing well, he is 15 days old today.  He is such a cute boy.  Here is a picture of him taken today.

Mr Bear sleeping

Mr Bear woke up looking for mummy.