Friday, 31 August 2012

A Fun Day with Shelties

We went to Port Dickson today...I woke up at half past five to get everything ready, got the dogs fed and made sure everything was ok and then we were on our way to see my friend LIsa and her shelties.  I brought King with me and my other friend who travelled with me, brought her two shelties too.

We were suppose to arrive at half past nine in the morning and being so excited, I left the treats I got for my friend's dogs behind and so I had to turn back and go get them, I cant arrive without the treats I promised them, hahaha...

We arrived at half past ten, the weather was great, not too hot and was nice for us to be outdoors, but could have been just a little too hot to go down to the beach so we didnt go.

Everyone was on their best behaviour and they were all happy to see each other.  I was really happy to see Blossy...what a pretty girl she is.  When I arrived, I opened the bag of treats and gave them all a Greenies each.  They were all happy...everytime they hear something, it could even be us trying to get a wet wipe, they would all run to us and think its treats, hahaha...

I had fun chatting and watching them play together.  Oh, and in the morning when I left home, I FORGOT to bring my camera!!!  now how is that possible?  Too excited I guess....luckily my friend took loads of pictures.  Here are some of the pictures taken today.

King sniffing Blossy's bum!

Everyone wants a Greenies

Play time, look at them go!

King feeling a little tired after all that playing.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

We are going to the beach!

Its been sometime since I visited my friend Lisa, and I miss her dogs very very much and we are going to visit them soon!  I have everything ready, I promised the dogs yummy treats....I got them some Greenies and a few other things.  Really cant wait to see them.

This time, two shelties will be going with us.  Zeus and Xera.  I am sure the girls will be happy to see them and Zeus and Xera will be super excited to go on a trip.  I might take one of my dogs along too.

We will also take the doggies to the beach!  The beach is only 5 minutes away from my friend's home.

My friend, Lisa sent me a few pictures of Blossom.  I really miss her and cant wait to see her.  Here are some pictures my friend sent me.

No...Blossy doesnt have 6 legs!  Its Enya hiding behind her, hahaha...

Blossy, Gracie and Glory

Wonderful Blossy, she loves everyone and everyone loves her.

Ok I better go get some work done, have a lot to do and I have a lot to look forward too.  Going to be and exciting week!  Have a wonderful evening!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

2nd Water Dog!

Remember Willie?  the bi black cutie pie who swims with his owner every single day...Well, we have another 'water dog' and its Willie's sister, Gracie!  She only tried it a couple of days ago and now she absolutely loves being in the water and swimming.

Here is a picture of her having fun in her swimming pool, not just any swimming pool, an indoor one!

How time flies and she is such a big girl now.  Gracie is a sweet and cheeky girl.  She is looking more and more like her mummy, Aimee.

Got to go see to my doggies now...have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

My Friends from Indonesia!

Two days ago, my friend from Indonesia contacted me and told me that he will be in KL.  We have been friends for awhile and it was shelties that brought us together and we spent a lot of time talking about nothing but shelties all the time, hahaha...

We have shared so many precious information on shelties and we never got tired talking about it.  We shared so much excitement when one of us gets a new sheltie or a litter of pups.  It was really great to be able to share this with another 'sheltie crazy' person, hahaha...

We had a great evening, of course talking about SHELTIES while having our dinner.

He said I should come and visit him and his wife in indonesia someday and should consider going there for a dog show too.  It was lovely meeting up with them and I might just make a trip to Jakarta in the near future.

Sorry for not updating the blog for some time,  I have been very busy and will be even busier the week after next, but I am sure I will have some time to write on whats new.  Got to go and visit Blossy and the girls too.  I went shopping for some treats for them already and cant wait to see them all.

Till the next time, good night!

My friend, Rocky and his wife, Felicia

At the restaurant, while waiting for my friends, I took this! hahaha....

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A wee present for me!

My friend went to Australia for a holiday and came home with a wee gift for me...and here is what she got me.  Pretty isnt it?  Give me anything sheltie, and I love it, hahaha...

It has been a busy day and week for me.  I have got a lot to do and a lot of planning to do as well.  We are going to visit Blossom and her kids soon.

I was hoping it would rain today, but not a drop till now.  But when I was on my way home from the vet, it was raining very heavily.  I went to visit the kittens today.  I didnt have my camera with me, so I didnt manage any pictures.  They are so adorable now...I had the chance to hold them today.  They are growing well and I cant wait to see what they look like when they are a little older.  Am already thinking of getting a collar for it, hahaha...well, we will see!

The next few weeks is going to be fun and full of excitement!!!  I will keep everyone posted.  Am off to play with the dogs.  Have a great evening!

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Injured Cat

This morning, I woke up, fed the dogs and went outside to check on the cat.  She is still there.  She ate all the tuna, but she was still at the same spot.  So I put her in a box and drove to my vet.  Her head was still shaking and was still meowing at me very softly.  My vet examined her and said she was probably hit by a car or a bike but there are no broken bones.  She is just probably in a state of shock.

I told the vet there was some blood on her tail but it is all cleaned now.  She must have cleaned herself up last night.  The vet gave her a jab and something for the pain.  He said she should be fine and just need some rest and time to heal on her own.  I bought her some Royal Canin cat food and yes I was right she is about 6 months old.

When I returned home, I asked the guards if anyone was asking about their cat because this cat is no stray.  She surely have an owner.  But the guards says no....

So, when I came home, I fed her and gave her water and stayed with her for awhile, I let her out of the box and she went to a corner to rest.  I hope she get well soon and manage to find her way home.  But I will keep an eye on her and care for her till then. My vet thinks she is a Birman mix.

Here is a pic of her.  I also managed to take some picture of the kittens born at the vet about 10 days ago.

The injured cat

The kitten that was born at the vet that I was telling you about.  Such a cutie isnt it?

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Just got home awhile ago from my friends.  We watched the badminton match between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan.  I was hoping Chong Wei will win.  But he didnt.  But it was a good game and he did pretty well and I am pround of him.  Still bit sad about it though and dont think I can sleep tonight. hahaha... Och well....had fun watching it with my friends....

When I got home and parked, I saw this cat outside the house.  It was the same cat I saw this morning.  When I saw it in the morning and when I opened the gate it was gone, but I think the cat was not well from the way it was walking.  I left it some food and water and hope it will take it later if he comes back. So I went over to see the meowed at me so softly as if it was saying "please help me" I dont know what is wrong with it but I ran in and took some water for it.  I only had dog food earlier so I gave it some but it didnt want it.  Then I remembered I have some canned tuna and I am sure it will take that, I had one with sun dried tomato and one in olive oil.  I am sure it wont take the one with tomato and so I gave it the one with olive oil. 

When I put it in the bowl, the cat was very interested to eat but it was shaking.  I couldnt understand why but tried to comfort it by patting it and talking to it and encouraged it to eat the tuna, but the cat came near me instead.  I stayed with the cat for awhile and went in to get something comfy for it to sleep in.  I found a box and placed some rags in it so it may go in to sleep and feel safe and warm inside.  When I left to get the box, I peeped at the cat and it started eating.  So that is a good sign.  Hopefully the cat will stay till the morning so I can take it to the vet first thing tomorrow morning to get it checked.  I feel so sorry for it.  I hope it will stay to let me help.

It looks like a really young cat, perhaps about 6 months old.  Poor cat, it seems terrifed but want to be near humans.  Wonder what is wrong or what had happened to it.  I am just going to check on it again now before I go to bed.  I will let you know how the cat get on tomorrow when I get back from the vet.

Friday, 3 August 2012


Its been a month since Mr Bear went to his new home.  After he left, it was just me and the adult doggies.  For the whole of last year, there were pups the whole year.  This year we had Mr Bear and then quiet for a little while.  I kinda miss having pups around.  They make me laugh, they make me drop everything I am doing, just to go play with them, all they have to do is show me their cute face and I will melt! hahaha...

Hopefully there will be some pups soon.  Cant wait to see and play with them.  Brings me so much joy and laughter and a painful back too hahaha..but its worth it.

I was looking through some old pic and found some nice ones, pups playing together. Oh how I miss them.....

Ceasar and Fussel

Little Zeus and his brother Whitley

We are going to visit Blossom, Gracie, Glory and Enya soon....I miss them all...I have to remind myself to take Blossy's present along.  She is such a good girl and warned her owner about a King Cobra that was in the house.  Yes, Yes, presents for you too Enya, Glory and Gracie incase you are reading this, hahaha....

If all is good I may even bring all my doggies to visit them too, I am sure they all miss Blossom.

Okey off to feed the dog and play with them in the garden.  I will take some pictures of the kittens on Wednesday hopefully....

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Remember the kittens I was talking about a few days ago? Yup the ones at the vet. There were 6 of them but unfortunately one of them didn't make there are 5 of them now. All doing well so far but am just concerned about one. It is a wee bit smaller than the rest of them.  Hopefully it will catch up and make it.

I was allowed to hold them today! They are now five days old. They are so adorable.....they curl up in my hands and slept comfortably. Could not resist their cute face. I would have taken a picture if I brought my camera with me....I am sure I will get some pictures in the next few days when I visit them again. I can't wait to see them again. This weekend is going to be a very busy one for me but going to be fun! Goodnight and look out for the pictures of the cute little kittens soon.....