Thursday, 29 December 2011

Shelties ears

To get that pretty, tipped shelties ears, we need to make it that way through ear taping.  Most people think the ear just happen to be tipped and will stay that way.  To get those pretty ears, it usually takes time and perseverance.  Some people do it for a month thinking they got it only to find the ears standing after that.  And if you leave it  and then decide to tape it again later, it wont work.

I usually start doing the ears when the pups are about 2 months old and we have to constantly monitor it.  Some are done as quick as 6 months and some maybe a little longer than that.

It is pretty simple to do.  Today I took Whitley's tape off to check his ears and it is looking good.  Another month or two and it should be perfect.

I took some pictures of him today to show you his ears.

Whitley and Patrick are best of pals.  They never get tired of each other.  When Whitley and Patrick was at the groomer once,  Whitley whinned a little because he wanted to play with another dog but he was getting groomed.  Patrick was at the other end and heard Whitley, and he thought Whitley was in trouble and he came running to him, hahaha..

Look at the two buddies playing.  Whitley's mouth is IN Patrick's  mouth!! hahaha...Dont worry they are not hurting each other, they are just playing.

Whitley looking at the others and said HELP!!

The weather has been pretty ok today.  No rain but it is really humid.  Have a wonderful evening!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!!  How was your Christmas??  Ours was very good, great weather, spent time with my family and my doggies, went out for lunch and dinner too.  Zeus came over and had fun with Whitley.  They got their Christmas presents today and they enjoyed the Greenies and their raw hide.

Whitley has grown a lot.  Everytime I pick him up, gosh he is so much heavier now.  I took some pictures of him today and here they are.

Handsome Whitley

Whitley all grown

Whitley chasing a butterfly

Whitley giving Daisy kisses

Patrick's Birthday is coming soon.  He will be celebrating his birthday on the 9th of Jan and my birthday before that.  I would probably take Patrick out to the dog friendly park.

I hope your Christmas was as great as mine.  I shall get the dogs in and go to bed.  Goodnight!!

Monday, 19 December 2011

A lovely Evening

Yesterday was a gloomy day, it looked like it was going to rain but it didnt.  My friend who owns Zeus was thinking of taking him to the dog park to socialise and asked me to come along with King.  I was up for it but I was just worried if we drove there and it ended up raining.  But we took our chances and went anyway and it turned out to be a great evening!  It didnt rain but stayed gloomy all evening while we were there.  Before I left for the park, the dogs were fed and was playing out in the garden.  While they were playing, I sat outside in my garden and had a durian all to myself and it was heavenly!! 

And, I manage to take some pictures of Zeus!!  Really nice ones! hehehe.  He was over at my place the day before to play with Whitley but I didnt manage any pictures then.  When we got there, we had a drink and sat and had a little chat while everyone who passed by was amazed with King and Zeus.  They stoped and pet them.  We were at a restaurant at the park that allowed our doggies too.

After our drinks we went to the dog park for a walk and took pictures.  Zeus was very happy to see all the other doggies there.  We didnt see any sheltie there, we saw loads of Poodles, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, some huskies and a few other breeds too.

After our walk, we stoped for drinks again at my favourite place, Fitou Brasserie, the place is cosy and lots of other doggies go there too.

Here are more pictures of Zeus at the park having fun yesterday.

Isnt he a beauty? He is only 6 months old.

Zeus and his owner

Zeus being a good boy and keeping himself busy while we are having a snack and the Fitou Brasserie

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Zeus came to visit...

Zeus came to visit us yesterday.  It rained and stoped but when Zeus arrived, it rained again. So you can imagine what my garden was like!!  But Whitley was so happy to see his little brother and Zeus was really happy too.  They played and played and played till they were all wet.  They then got cleaned up and dried and they looked handsome again.

I have not seen Zeus for a long time and he has grown.  He is so so fluffy and super cute! He is still much smaller than Whiltey.  His owners loves him loads and he is one happy and cheeky little fella.  I was told he is really a good boy at home too.  I was very happy to see him.  I think he is really really cute and so full of character.

I didnt manage any pictures of the both of them playing because it was raining and it was getting dark, however I got a picture of him taken in the car when he was on his way to my place.  It isnt a great photo as it was taken by a phone camera but it will have to do I guess, hahaha....

Look at him, isnt he adorable??  His ears are super cute too!

Zeus in the car on the way to my place.

Zeus when he was just a wee puppy

Saturday, 17 December 2011


I went out for a wee while to get dog food and when I came home, it had rained and my garden is soaking wet!  But Whitley needed to pee and so he had to go out and get his paws wet, hehe...While I was brushing him today, I realised he has grown so much.  I love to watch him when he is sleeping and realise how big he is now compared to before.

I took some pictures of him with his wet paws.  It just stoped raining when I got home so the garden is still really really wet.

I thought I would add some pictures of Whitley when he was much younger so you can see how much he has grown.

Whitley a few days old

Whitley about 2 and half weeks old

Whitley about 2 months old

Whitley at about 3 months old

Whitley at 4 months old
Whitley now almost 6 months old, in my wet garden

Whitley heard something

Whitley saying - "enough pictures already!!" hahaha
 Zeus is coming to visit Whitley in a couple of hours from now.  The garden is wet but oh well, I will make an exception today, the dogs need out and need to play!  I hope to get some pictures of Zeus today and hopefully will be able to share with everyone tomorrow.  Have a great evening!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


A few days ago, I posted about a lost sheltie.  I dont know the owner or the dog, but when I saw about it on facebook my heart sank and it brought me back to the time when I lost my dog as a child and found it a year later.

This morning I got news from the owner of the lost dog (Ozzy)  She told me that Ozzy was found yesterday evening!  Oh god what wonderful news,  eventhough I dont know the owner and her dog, I felt so happy that he was found and reunited with his owners.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I am really happy to receive such good news and what a great way to start my morning.

I prayed that Ozzy would be found and he was found.  Thank you god for being so kind.

I am really really happy for Ozzy and his owners. I hope to meet them one day.

You have a great day!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Home Sweet Home

All my dogs except for Whitley and Blossom went on a 'holiday' and they are all home now.  We went to the groomers today too.  They were away for 6 days while I was busy at home sorting many things.  Blossom stayed with me because she may be expecting and Whitley boy is too young to go out 'partying' so the both of them stayed with me.  For the first few days,  I was so busy and tired I didnt even get any chance to miss them.  I didnt even have time to eat at times, hahaha.  By the 5th day I missed them really badly.  I got the house ready, cleaned and I drove 140km/hr to go pick them up.

Everyone was so happy to see me.  When they got to the groomers, I bet they were staying, oh man...can we go home now?? while they were getting groomed, I went and got myself groomed as well!!  Everything is in perfect order now and I couldnt be happier.

As soon as I got them out of the car, they ran about happily.  Josh was doing some kind of 'dance'!! It was really nice to watch.  For the past few days, picking up after them was easy as I only had the two of them at home and once they got out of the car, oh boy, it was about 1kg of poop I had to pick up after they had their dinner, hahaha.  Good thing the weather was great, no rain and am really happy.  We got home late evening so I didnt manage any pictures.

Whitley was EXTREMELY happy to see his pal, Patrick and the both of them played. 

A missing sheltie notice was posted on facebook and the person contacted me to see if I could help her.  Here are some info of the missing sheltie and if you happen to come across this dog, please contact his owner.  I hope whoever took him will return him or whoever found him would too and I hope wherever he is, he is safe and somehow get home soon.  Hang in there Ozzy boy.  I pray your owners find you soon.  Please tell your friends about this missing dog too and help find him.  Thank you.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Fun Evening

The 3 little rascals are out playing in the garden.  The weather is great.  Cleo and Caesar will be going home tomorrow after staying with me for 23 days!  Whitley must have been so happy to have them around.  When they are together, they will be up to some no good and make me work harder, garden looks almost like a battle field, thanks to Cleo and Caesar.

Whitley is getting really really handsome. Just look at him.  At times when I watch him without him knowing, its like watching a "mini" lion!

I took some pictures of them having fun outside.  Enjoy!

Having a meeting before they start their game

Caesar bullying Cleo

Look at Whitley

Whitley planning to "attack"!

Cleo, always happy!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas presents for my doggies

Christmas is just around the corner and so I thought I would go get my dogs some presents.  They have loads of toys already, so they are not on the list.  I think my dog has got almost everything a dog would want and if I were them, I dont think I would or could ask for anything more. And so I thought they might like some Greenies, some raw hide and some of those collagen strips to chew and they are pretty good for their teeth.

So here is what I got them.

Greenies, Orozyme Collagen Strips and Raw Hide!
 I know the raw hide is humongous!  I intentionally got the big ones.  Why?  If i got each and everyone of them one each, they would actually think someone else has got the better one and they will leave theirs and go for someone elses raw hide,  and all of them will end up trying to get one anothers and leave their own, hahaha.  So a nice huge one, am sure they will share and have fun trying to grab it from another dog.

PS:  The cute reindeer is not for the dogs, it is MINE, was too cute and was staring at me on the shelf, and so I had to get it.  Good thing it doesnt eat, or poop or pee.  He is my new pet :)

Acrobatic Dog!

A few weeks before Caesar and Cleo came to stay with me, my friend (their owner) told me that Cleo is able to jump over a 3feet fence.  Sometimes she also manage to come out of her play pen, which is about 3 feet too.  At first when I was told that, I felt, my god, how is that possible.  I never had one who did such a thing.  So when they were staying with me, I was worried that she might jump out of her pen while I am out or something and I wouldnt know what she would do around the house.

They have been staying with me for 20 days now and she has always been in her pen when I return home if I go out.  Yesterday however, when I came home, I saw my front door floor mat was out of place.  Hmm, I couldnt be in that much of a hurry to cause that. So I though to myself, oh well, perhaps it was me because it couldnt be anyone else.

Then when I opened the front door, I saw Cleo out of her pen and roaming about! I hoped she didnt do anything and luckily she didnt.  After 20 days she finally did that. hahaha...She would proabably make a great agility dog when she is older.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Am back!

So sorry for the long pause,  I have not posted anything for the past one week as I have been extremely busy.  Now  everything revolves around the weather.  Everyday, WHEN the dog goes out depends on the weather.  In the past,  they have a routine and its the same daily, but because it is raining so much now, anytime it is good to go out, they are out! regardless what time.  So I play the weatherwoman and have to decide, when they go out.  They dont follow the usual routine anymore, if I did that, they wouldnt be having time outside.

So its 1pm now, usually they are in sleeping, but now are out and I let them out as long as they want and as long as the weather allows so that I am fair to them and they are not robbed of their play time outside.  Its no easy task.  Always having to watch out for the weather and its really tiring.  The wet weather also means I work harder to keep them dry and clean.  Cleo and Caesar will be going home in a couple of days time.  I need a holiday!! haha...I wish!!

We didnt manage to show Caesar for the November show as I didnt have any help then and his owners were away.  We will show him Feb and March next year.  He has a full set of new teeth now and its looking good.  Cleo and Whitley have a perfect set of teeth as well.  Caesar has changed a lot in terms of colour.  He has got a really dark shade now.  Same goes for Cleo.  As for Whitley, he had a really light colour when he was younger and now it has become deeper and orange like colour, similar to Daisy.  Even King has become a little darker, look at his coat now, its almost like a tri coloured sheltie.

It looks like its going to rain soon, its gloomy outside and I managed to take some pictures.  They were running about and the pictures arent great but at least something.

Whitley boy

Caesar boy


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Working like a dog

If someone is working like a dog, it aint my dogs for sure!! hahaha, I am working like a dog, to keep MY dogs happy. hahaha....I am up very early to let them out, so they have lots of time outdoors.  They get fed, get clean drinking water, play and sleep and gets lots of love.  What a life.  In the olden days, its the dog who works from dawn to dusk, thats probably where they got that phrase - Working like a dog.  But my dogs are having the life of Kings and Queens and me?? I work like a dog now.

Imagine, cleaning 11 pair of eyes, 11 bums, brushing and combing 11 dogs and brushing their teeth, all 11 of them. By the time I am done, I hardly have any appetite for lunch.  Life should be back to normal when Cleo and Caesar goes home and once Whitley goes to his new home too.  Dont get me wrong, I enjoy them being around me, just that I have a lot on my plate now.

And the wet weather isnt helping as they will get in a bit of a mess while they play ouside if the garden is wet.  Sometimes I think, I really wont mind being one of my shelties at all and live that kind of life, hahaha...

But I have no regrets one bit at all,  the pleasure they give makes the work worth while although still very tiring.  I remember when I had only 4 of them, it was a piece of cake then!

If I had an inhouse groomer, wow that would be fantastic, hahaha...maybe someday...

Got to go feed the dogs now.  I hope to have some wonderful news in the next couple of days.

Have a great evening.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fun time

The weather is getting better.  For the past few days it was nice and cool although it is still wet at times, but much better than last month.  It was pretty cool yesterday and they had loads of fun outside.  They were out almost the whole day.  When they came in at night, they all slept like a log after that.

I managed to take some pictures.  Notice how Caesar's colour has changed again.  They all played so much, in one picture, Whitley could hardly open his eyes, hahaha.. They been chasing their ball.  I love KONG toys, its safe and  it lasts forever and the dogs loves it.  I stuffed the ball with GREENIES (dog treat) so they will work really hard to get it out.  They whole idea is not for them to get the great, its to keep them busy and playing, hahaha....Somehow after awhile Josh managed to get it out.

Whitley, resting, he can hardly open his eyes.
Whitley boy grown

Cleo - She looks like a sexy fox

Caesar, changed colour again!!

Patrick and Whitley fighting over the ball, Whitley is not going to give in, hehehe
Josh happy after getting the treat out from the ball.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


I got presents today!! And this is what there are.....arent they beautiful?? I love them.  Thank you!! I shall put them up soon....

Caesar and Cleo are here and I am super busy, and now am taking some time to rest while I post this.  I thought Whitley would be really happy with the both of them here but when they arrived, Whitley suddenly started behaving like an adult! well almost.  While the two play and invites Whitley to play, he would prefer to rest or sleep and will give the both of them a kind of look as if he was saying - hey you kids, behave yourself and let me rest, hahahaha....but dont get me wrong, Whitley still plays with them, just that he behaves a bit more like an adult now.  Yesterday I saw Patrick lying down after loads of playing with Whitley, but Whitley was up for more but Patrick looked very very tired, so Patrick ignored Whitley and continue to lie down, and then Whitley bit his ears and pulled it, hahahahah asking him to GET UP!!!  And Patrick gave in and continued to play with Whitley.

I notice, my dogs, as they get mature, they tend to be cleaner, they avoid getting wet and dirty.  All of them wont mess themselves up in the wet weather now and will look pretty clean eventhough they were out on the wet grass, now the only one that doesnt behave that way is Patrick.  If the garden is wet, even better for him he thinks, hahahha.  At the end of the day after playing, I will go - Oh my god....Same for the pups.  Everyday after grooming Whitley, I would think to myself what a handsome boy.  Then after playing with Patrick in the garden, hard work down the drain.  But pups are like that,  I expect Patrick to be better but then again it wasnt until Jenna and the rest got to about 2 years old then only the avoid getting wet and dirty.  So hopefully Patrick will learn soon.

Present Number 1
Present Number 2



Whitley staring at his ball, he is probably very tired after playing with Patrick and they messed each other up, hehehe


Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I was supposed to post some pictures of Scotland yesterday, but I was so busy and even busier with Cleo and Caesar staying with us for a while.  Anyway, I managed to get some pictures scanned and here they are.  I dont have many pictures, didnt have a great camera then, hahahha...but there are a lot of pictures 'stored' in my head and in my heart.  I love Scotland and its a very special place to me.  Perhaps I shall tell you about the time I went there.  Ok, I have always wanted go somewhere really nice and peaceful and cool and beautiful.  I think theres no better place than Scotland.  When I first decided to visit, there was no regrets.  I loved it.  I went to Scotland in 2005 and after my first visit, I was there almost every year and been there about 7 times in total.

The first time I went there, my friend, Chris was very kind to take me around.  We drove all the way up to highlands from Edinburgh. He took me to many places and I was so amazed with the beauty, I just couldnt be bothered with anything!  He once took me to the beach and it was so beautiful and the weather was so nice I sat there for about an hour just doing nothing and I came home with a tan after that! hahahah....when I went back to work everyone was surprised, because I went to Scotland and came back with a tan, hahaha.

I remember going to see the Rosslyn Chapel and we lived not very far away from it, about 5 mins walk.  I also went to the Roslin Glen Hotel for dinner and it was great.  After 10 days of relaxing in Scotland, it was time to go home, so I went home.

After that, I just couldnt stop thinking about Scotland.  3 months later, I was there again!!  I spent my birthday there.  This time, my friend Colin showed me around, and his parents invited me for dinner one day and so we went over.  His parents were the loveliest couple ever.  There were very nice and friendly.  It was also Christmas eve that night and everyone is having a drink.  I am not much of a drinker, so his father figured that I may like some Glayva, and so I said OK. I had a sip and it was nice and sweet so it was pretty easy to drink, after that I was offered more, and so I said OK, then after a while I started feeling a wee bit weird.  I felt something wasnt right and so I told Colin that I needed some fresh air, told him we need to go for a walk outside....He said WHAT??? In the middle of winter and you want to go for a walk?? hahaha, I said YES, so as I was putting my coat on to go out, suddently I collapsed! So he took me up to the room and put me on the bed, gave me some asprin and water.  And the next thing I knew was, I had slept for 3 hours with my coat still on, hahahahha, while everyone is having a party downstairs.  Colin woke me up, I really couldnt wake up but I had to force myself as there were friends waiting to meet me.  Gosh what a night, just thinking of it makes me blush and laugh! hahaha....We all had a great time, his friends we great and we were playing some kind of game, cant remember what now, all I know was that I was winning!!  It must be with the help of the Glayva, hahahahha...

It was time to go home again after that and Scotland was always on my mind and so as you can imagine I kept going back.  I also stayed there for a while after quitting my job here.

My only regret was, I wish I had taken more pictures and wish I had a better camera then.  But the memories in my heart and in my head, I will never forget and those beautiful sceneries, all in my head, it feels like it was only yesterday that I was there.

I have a good camera now though, hahaha, it means time to go to Scotland again??  I wish...

I never liked the hot humid weather here, and in Scotland, it was like being in heaven.  But it was not until I lived there for awhile and it was cold all the time,  for the first time in my life, I started appreciating the sun,  when its nice and sunny there, I once caught myself standing by the window and actually enjoying the sun.  But I dont mind the cold at all.  Dont really like the wet but hot and humid, is just not for me, hahaha....

Ok, enough of that and I hope I didnt bore you with my silly story and here are some pictures, taken a long long time ago and oh yes also a picture of my first ever sheltie, Alison with me when I was about 12 (no laughing at my hair style ok?) hahaha....

A cute wee buidling next to the Rosslyn Chapel
Me walking out of the forest

Look at the different lovely colours!
Ahhh.....just lovely

My friend Colin feeling like a hero

Colin with the sheeps, hehehe

Me when I was about 12 with my beloved sheltie, Alison, no laughing at my hairstyle and eyebrows ok!! haha..