Monday, 31 October 2011

My Shelties Wish

If they could have one wish right now, they would wish it would not rain so much!  Its been raining for 4 hours non stop now, which means?  NO play outside and thats not a norm for them.  They love playing outside, especially, ball.  They have not been able to play properly for the past few weeks.  They must miss playing ball alot.  All of them love it, Jenna is the champion, King would go for it, and so will Josh, Daisy would just run along with them and bark, hahaha and the rest would try and get it but its always Jenna or King who gets it.

Today, when I let them out to pee, as you all know Daisy hates the wet grass, and if you read yesterdays post, she would look at me and look at the grass again, but she would be TOLD to go! and she would eventually go.  Guess what she did today? she knew she was going to get told to GO, so when I was looking at her, she looks elsewhere pretending I wasnt saying anything, hahahahha, its so human like for her to behave that way.  She thinks if she looks away, she wont get told to go.  She is really hillarious!!

Here are pictures of King out in the garden playing when the weather was good and hopefully it will get that way soon so they can go play properly in the garden.

Sunday, 30 October 2011


No, its not the Scottish pop rock band but the weather here!! Its been raining and raining and raining!! It was nice and sunny this morning and the garderner was scheduled to come over and when he arrived it rained, sigh, I guess my garden is just going to have to wait.  I checked the weather forcast for the next few days and its nothing but rain.

It just rained a couple of hours ago and it looks like its going to rain again. 

Everytime I let the dogs out, Aimee and the boys have no problems going to the grass to pee, but Daisy would give me a really hillarious look.  She would look at the grass, then look at me and then look at the grass and me again as though she is saying, ITS WET! How am I supposed to pee! hahaha.  Daisy and Jenna tries to avoid getting wet,  they are very clean and walks really carefully to try and avoid getting themselves dirty or wet during this rainy season.

The rest especially Aimee and Patrick couldnt care less about the wet grass, they would even jump and play, ewwwww....I cant wait for them to mature, Jenna and Daisy were no different when they were younger.  They get wiser....hehehe

Whenever it rains, it would usually make the weather quite pleasant but eventhough its been raining for hours, it can still be very hot and humid.  I hate the humidity!!

We had no rain at all yesterday and was quite pleased.  Managed to take a picture of Patrick.  I love his face and blue eyes.

And below is Whitley, resting after so much of playing with his mum.  He is loosing his puppy coat and getting some new coat, his new coat is also deeper and darker colour than before.  He also lost some of his puppy tooth and got new ones!  The two front teeth!  Just in time, so he can wish everyone a Merry Christmas soon! hahaha

Its thundering now and it looks like its going to rain AGAIN soon, so I better get going and get them in before it rains.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday.  Have a great evening!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Festival of Lights

Today is Dewali or also known as the festival of lights is celebrated in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka and a few more countries. Dewali has a special meaning for me and here is why.  Many many years ago, when I was growing up, I had a sheltie named Alison (We sometimes call her Amy).  She was a very sweet natured girl, very well behaved and she was such an affectionate and loving dog.

One night, it was thundering and raining heavily, she hates thunders and she got scared and found a way out of the fence.  I knew she went out and went looking for her but I couldnt find her in the dark and it was raining.  We tried again the next day, my dad drove around and I was calling her name but she was no where to be found.  I was devastated.  I thought she must have been taken away and I would never see her again.

I was so upset, I cant help crying everyday. Even in school, during lessons, I had to be strong and not cry in front of the teacher and my friends.  She was my best pal and it was strange not to have her.  We searched for months,  whenever I was in the car with my dad, I would look into the houses that he drove past and would see if anyone has her.

I never gave up, I still wanted so badly to find her.  We tried for a year and still nothing.  I accepted the fact that she was gone but inside I was so miserable not knowing where is she and what has happened.

One afternoon, on Dewali day, My family visited an Uncle.  My brother was over at his friends who is about 5 mins away from our house.  When we got home from my Uncle's, we got a phone call from my brother saying that he had seen a dog that looked like Alison!!

I grabbed my fathers hands and took the car keys and make him drive over to my brother and it was ALISON!!

She was in a house, we rang the door bell and spoke to a very kind lady.  We told her that Alison belongs to us and then she told us how she had found her.  Alison got scared and went to the main road when she ran away that night.  The lady found her at the side of the road slightly injured.  A motorbike or a car might have knocked her.  This lady took her to the vet and she was treated and she took her home.

We were so grateful to this lady and wanted to repay her back for all her help but she didnt want anything.  She gave Alison back to us and we drove home.  I cannot discribe how happy I was at that time.  A year later!! and we found her on Dewali day.

She looked abit confused when she got home but in a few hours, she was running and jumping about and behaved as if she never left.

She is now in heaven,  I never forget her.  Even after years of her gone,  whenever I think of her I would shed a tear.  Sometimes I feel that she is here, her sprit in one of my dogs.

I dont think I will ever forget this lovely girl.  And I will forver be grateful to that kind lady and GOD for returing her to me.  Dewali gives me a smile remembering how happy I was to find her on that day.

I love you Alison, my beloved sheltie.

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Does your dogs love sunbathing?  I have a few who loves it.  Blossom loves it,  Daisy does it occasionally and recently I found Sunshine and Whitley doing it too.  Its a good thing.  Smart dogs will do that sometimes and its good for them.

The weather has been crazy for the past few days.  It would rain every evening for about 5 hours non - stop which means they have less time out to play, however today was very pleasant.  It was thundering and got really dark at 4pm but it didnt rain, so they were out playing and didnt have to come it as it didnt rain.

We went to the vet to get Jenna checked to see if she was pregnant, but couldnt see much through the ultrasound, so we will just have to wait.  Even if she is pregnant, it will be a very small litter.

Whitley has grown and has got quite a bit of adult coat on him now and his colour is getting deeper and becoming orange, similar to Daisy.  He is doing great with his toilet training.  He hardly ever poo or pee in his pen where he sleeps at night.  In the morning when I wake up to let him out, his pen is clean, which is great!  Whitley used to play a lot with Josh but recently, his best buddy is Patrick, they would chase each other and run about the garden and when its time to come in and I go out to get them in, when I look at Patrick, I go - OH MY GOD, hahahah, because Whitley uses his mouth a lot on him and so Patrick is a mess!  Patrick still behaves like a puppy and Whitley is very happy to play with him all the time.  Apart from Patrick, Whitley is with his mummy most of the time. Mummy loves playing with him but she never forgets to discipline him at the same time, when he does something wrong in her eyes.  Blossom is a great mother.  I have seen her trying to discipline another puppy that is not even hers.

We have not seen Zeus for quite a while and I am hoping to see him real soon.  I spoke to his owners not too long ago and they say he is fine and well and happy.

I found a picture of Daisy and Pico. It was taken a long long time ago, when they are about 8 - 10 months old and here it is.  Have a great weekend and I hope to bring you great news soon.

Daisy with Pico

Monday, 17 October 2011

Pictures of Aimee

Here are some pictures of Aimee when her coat was full.  It was taken sometime ago before she came to me.

Isnt she a beauty??

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Caesar Boy

Caesar boy and Cleo came to visit yesterday.  He has grown since the last time I saw him and his coat is a different colour now.  Whitley was extremely happy to see them and they all had fun playing together.  We also did a little bit of training with Caesar and will show him in November if he is ready.  They are now at an in between stage and their coat is not fantastic yet.  Caesar has got new coat now and I can see the volume and just waiting for it to grow longer.

Here are some pictures taken yesterday while doing some training and while they were having fun.

Caesar chasing Whitley

Caesar next to his beloved owner

Caesar about a month ago

Caesar Now

I have some herbs in my garden - Rosemary, Thyme, Tarragon and Lemon balm and Whitley's favourite is the Lemon balm.  He chewed of some Lemon balm this morning, hahaha. 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Stuntman!

I was looking through some pictures and look what I found!!  This is King up in the air.  Do you know exactly what he was trying to do?? He was trying to catch the dragonfly!  Look carefully, on your right, you can see that wee thing fliying about and King is trying to catch it, hahaha.......

They love chasing butterflies too!

Monday, 10 October 2011


Aimee and Patrick joined us two months ago.  Patrick settled in quite quickly but it took longer for Aimee.  After a week being here, Patrick was totally at home but Aimee was not feeling quite at home yet although she is happy whenever she sees me.  She got settled after a few weeks.  Today, while I was observing them in the garden,  I am so happy to see that Aimee feels so at home and is one happy dog.  She is very relaxed and is so happy and comfortable with everything.  I dont even need to tell her what I want her to do, when its time to do it, she does it naturally as though she been doing it for a long time.  When its time to get inside the house, they just know, I dont even need to say anything.

Whitley is growing well, he has got quite a bit of his adult coat now on him and slowly loosing his puppy coat.  He is now 3.7kg.

Jenna has been a little bit quiet for the past week.  If she is pregnant, then there will be puppies in about 3 weeks time.  I do hope she is as I am really looking forward to my first blue merle litter.  And if Daisy is pregnant too, then she will be giving birth about 3 weeks after Jenna, and I am going to be busy...busy...busy!

Josh's coat is really really beautiful now! I am very pleased.  Sometimes I watch him from far to see what he is up to and when he stand proud and the wind blowing his coat, all I say is WOW.

Other than that, nothing much has been happening but I am very busy as usual. hahaha.
Caesar and Cleo coming over in Nov for a few weeks and I am looking forward to that.  I am also looking forward to see Caesar at the shows end of this year.  Then in January, Patrick, Pico and I will be celebrating our birthdays.

Goodnight and take care!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Animal Abuse.

We hear and read so much about animal abuse nowadays.  Even worst, they record their doings and even laugh about it and some mostly done by teenagers.  Whats happening to our teenagers these days?  Where is the love for animals or any living being.  I remember, as a child,  I have always loved and cared for animals.  Be it a chic, bird, rabbit or anything.  I always felt that I should protect them, feed them, shelter them and keep them safe.  Whenever I see a kitten or a puppy,  I light up like a light bulb with so much excitement and happiness inside that all I want to do is take them home and care for them and keep them safe.  I cannot even imagine being unkind to them as they bring me so much joy and happiness just looking after them.

I have cared and raised bird that fell from their nest and there was no way to put them back.  They had no feathers and I raised them till they could fly and set them free.  I have brought home kittens and puppies and kept some and tried to find homes for the rest when I was only a kid.  I couldnt sleep or could rest if I didnt do anything about it.  I often get scolding from my mother but that never stopped me from doing what I did.  I remember we had lots of stray cats behind our house and mum was preparing dinner.  We had fish, vegetables and rice.  I remember putting my fish aside and finished the rice and vegetable that I had on my plate, sneeked to the back and fed the cats my share of the fish. hahahahaha.  Thats how much I think of them.

I dont have kids but I always make sure that my nephew and nieces are taught from a very young age about respecting animals and instilling love and compassion towards animals.  And I am very proud of them now.  They do have love and respect for animals.. There was once, my nephew came over for a barbie and I said lets go fish nearby, after getting a wee fish, we were both so happy and excited and I told him he could take it home and keep it in his aquarium.  He said YES instantly and a second later he paused and said "no, we shall release him, I saw his papa in the water and he will miss his baby".  I wanted to laugh but I didnt and was so proud of him that he could think this way and he is only 5.

We also hear alot about how rules should be ammended to 'deter' people from abusing an animal but I think the only way is educating.  Harsh punishment will not stop people from abusing animals but I believe educating will especially children.  I wish they had a daily 10minute session in school that will do just that.  By all means get those guilty of animal abuse punished but educating the kids is very important too.

I have always dreamt of helping strays on a big scale.  I hope and wish that dream will happen and will come true.  I also want to have something similar to The Soup Kitchen set up for needy and homeless people to get a decent meal and also shelter them.  I watched the movie - The Persuit of Happyness and it made me realise what a homeless person's challenges are and its no fun and its very sad, it made me cry thats why I want to help such people to lift them up so they can stand on their own two feet again.

My dreams for the animal would be to have acres and acres of land where they live happily and roam free and have shelter and are cared for and never have to worry when would their next meal be.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Hello everyone, I am sorry I have not posted anything for about a week now, I have been really really busy and I am still VERY VERY BUSY.  I shall keep you posted on whats been happening and updates as soon as I can.  Till then take care and have a great day.  Got to run now!