Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Working like a dog

If someone is working like a dog, it aint my dogs for sure!! hahaha, I am working like a dog, to keep MY dogs happy. hahaha....I am up very early to let them out, so they have lots of time outdoors.  They get fed, get clean drinking water, play and sleep and gets lots of love.  What a life.  In the olden days, its the dog who works from dawn to dusk, thats probably where they got that phrase - Working like a dog.  But my dogs are having the life of Kings and Queens and me?? I work like a dog now.

Imagine, cleaning 11 pair of eyes, 11 bums, brushing and combing 11 dogs and brushing their teeth, all 11 of them. By the time I am done, I hardly have any appetite for lunch.  Life should be back to normal when Cleo and Caesar goes home and once Whitley goes to his new home too.  Dont get me wrong, I enjoy them being around me, just that I have a lot on my plate now.

And the wet weather isnt helping as they will get in a bit of a mess while they play ouside if the garden is wet.  Sometimes I think, I really wont mind being one of my shelties at all and live that kind of life, hahaha...

But I have no regrets one bit at all,  the pleasure they give makes the work worth while although still very tiring.  I remember when I had only 4 of them, it was a piece of cake then!

If I had an inhouse groomer, wow that would be fantastic, hahaha...maybe someday...

Got to go feed the dogs now.  I hope to have some wonderful news in the next couple of days.

Have a great evening.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fun time

The weather is getting better.  For the past few days it was nice and cool although it is still wet at times, but much better than last month.  It was pretty cool yesterday and they had loads of fun outside.  They were out almost the whole day.  When they came in at night, they all slept like a log after that.

I managed to take some pictures.  Notice how Caesar's colour has changed again.  They all played so much, in one picture, Whitley could hardly open his eyes, hahaha.. They been chasing their ball.  I love KONG toys, its safe and  it lasts forever and the dogs loves it.  I stuffed the ball with GREENIES (dog treat) so they will work really hard to get it out.  They whole idea is not for them to get the great, its to keep them busy and playing, hahaha....Somehow after awhile Josh managed to get it out.

Whitley, resting, he can hardly open his eyes.
Whitley boy grown

Cleo - She looks like a sexy fox

Caesar, changed colour again!!

Patrick and Whitley fighting over the ball, Whitley is not going to give in, hehehe
Josh happy after getting the treat out from the ball.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


I got presents today!! And this is what there are.....arent they beautiful?? I love them.  Thank you!! I shall put them up soon....

Caesar and Cleo are here and I am super busy, and now am taking some time to rest while I post this.  I thought Whitley would be really happy with the both of them here but when they arrived, Whitley suddenly started behaving like an adult! well almost.  While the two play and invites Whitley to play, he would prefer to rest or sleep and will give the both of them a kind of look as if he was saying - hey you kids, behave yourself and let me rest, hahahaha....but dont get me wrong, Whitley still plays with them, just that he behaves a bit more like an adult now.  Yesterday I saw Patrick lying down after loads of playing with Whitley, but Whitley was up for more but Patrick looked very very tired, so Patrick ignored Whitley and continue to lie down, and then Whitley bit his ears and pulled it, hahahahah asking him to GET UP!!!  And Patrick gave in and continued to play with Whitley.

I notice, my dogs, as they get mature, they tend to be cleaner, they avoid getting wet and dirty.  All of them wont mess themselves up in the wet weather now and will look pretty clean eventhough they were out on the wet grass, now the only one that doesnt behave that way is Patrick.  If the garden is wet, even better for him he thinks, hahahha.  At the end of the day after playing, I will go - Oh my god....Same for the pups.  Everyday after grooming Whitley, I would think to myself what a handsome boy.  Then after playing with Patrick in the garden, hard work down the drain.  But pups are like that,  I expect Patrick to be better but then again it wasnt until Jenna and the rest got to about 2 years old then only the avoid getting wet and dirty.  So hopefully Patrick will learn soon.

Present Number 1
Present Number 2



Whitley staring at his ball, he is probably very tired after playing with Patrick and they messed each other up, hehehe


Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I was supposed to post some pictures of Scotland yesterday, but I was so busy and even busier with Cleo and Caesar staying with us for a while.  Anyway, I managed to get some pictures scanned and here they are.  I dont have many pictures, didnt have a great camera then, hahahha...but there are a lot of pictures 'stored' in my head and in my heart.  I love Scotland and its a very special place to me.  Perhaps I shall tell you about the time I went there.  Ok, I have always wanted go somewhere really nice and peaceful and cool and beautiful.  I think theres no better place than Scotland.  When I first decided to visit, there was no regrets.  I loved it.  I went to Scotland in 2005 and after my first visit, I was there almost every year and been there about 7 times in total.

The first time I went there, my friend, Chris was very kind to take me around.  We drove all the way up to highlands from Edinburgh. He took me to many places and I was so amazed with the beauty, I just couldnt be bothered with anything!  He once took me to the beach and it was so beautiful and the weather was so nice I sat there for about an hour just doing nothing and I came home with a tan after that! hahahah....when I went back to work everyone was surprised, because I went to Scotland and came back with a tan, hahaha.

I remember going to see the Rosslyn Chapel and we lived not very far away from it, about 5 mins walk.  I also went to the Roslin Glen Hotel for dinner and it was great.  After 10 days of relaxing in Scotland, it was time to go home, so I went home.

After that, I just couldnt stop thinking about Scotland.  3 months later, I was there again!!  I spent my birthday there.  This time, my friend Colin showed me around, and his parents invited me for dinner one day and so we went over.  His parents were the loveliest couple ever.  There were very nice and friendly.  It was also Christmas eve that night and everyone is having a drink.  I am not much of a drinker, so his father figured that I may like some Glayva, and so I said OK. I had a sip and it was nice and sweet so it was pretty easy to drink, after that I was offered more, and so I said OK, then after a while I started feeling a wee bit weird.  I felt something wasnt right and so I told Colin that I needed some fresh air, told him we need to go for a walk outside....He said WHAT??? In the middle of winter and you want to go for a walk?? hahaha, I said YES, so as I was putting my coat on to go out, suddently I collapsed! So he took me up to the room and put me on the bed, gave me some asprin and water.  And the next thing I knew was, I had slept for 3 hours with my coat still on, hahahahha, while everyone is having a party downstairs.  Colin woke me up, I really couldnt wake up but I had to force myself as there were friends waiting to meet me.  Gosh what a night, just thinking of it makes me blush and laugh! hahaha....We all had a great time, his friends we great and we were playing some kind of game, cant remember what now, all I know was that I was winning!!  It must be with the help of the Glayva, hahahahha...

It was time to go home again after that and Scotland was always on my mind and so as you can imagine I kept going back.  I also stayed there for a while after quitting my job here.

My only regret was, I wish I had taken more pictures and wish I had a better camera then.  But the memories in my heart and in my head, I will never forget and those beautiful sceneries, all in my head, it feels like it was only yesterday that I was there.

I have a good camera now though, hahaha, it means time to go to Scotland again??  I wish...

I never liked the hot humid weather here, and in Scotland, it was like being in heaven.  But it was not until I lived there for awhile and it was cold all the time,  for the first time in my life, I started appreciating the sun,  when its nice and sunny there, I once caught myself standing by the window and actually enjoying the sun.  But I dont mind the cold at all.  Dont really like the wet but hot and humid, is just not for me, hahaha....

Ok, enough of that and I hope I didnt bore you with my silly story and here are some pictures, taken a long long time ago and oh yes also a picture of my first ever sheltie, Alison with me when I was about 12 (no laughing at my hair style ok?) hahaha....

A cute wee buidling next to the Rosslyn Chapel
Me walking out of the forest

Look at the different lovely colours!
Ahhh.....just lovely

My friend Colin feeling like a hero

Colin with the sheeps, hehehe

Me when I was about 12 with my beloved sheltie, Alison, no laughing at my hairstyle and eyebrows ok!! haha..

Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Dogs and their food (Part 2)

Today's post is a continuation of yesterday's post about my doggies and how much they love their food.  I have timed how fast they eat and here are the results, hahaha...

King - 13 seconds
Josh -  15 seconds
Sunshine - 16 seconds
Blossom - 18 seconds
Daisy - 28 seconds
Jenna - 30 seconds
Patrick - 23 seconds
Aimee - 22 seconds
Whitley - 20 seconds

I found some photos taken in Scotland, however it was a long long time ago when I visited, so I may have to scan the photos.  I also found a picture of Alison (my first ever sheltie) with me when I was about 12 years old then,  I got her when I was 8 and I shall share those pictures with you in tomorrow's post.  Until then, have a fabulous evening.

Friday, 11 November 2011

My Dogs and their food.

Does your dog like its food?  Mine???  They LOVE it.  When its feeding time, they will be jumping like a kangaroo.  As soon as they hear me opening the lid of the container where I store the food, you bet someone or shall I say somedog will be jumping for joy like a monkey! hahaha....  Sometimes I thought, ok I shall be very quite today and see if they know that I am preparing their food, but NO WAY, Whitley could smell!!  He is really good, he is like a police dog!

I dont know if there is a better word to use to say how much my dogs love their food.  King is the hero, he finishes his food in 13 seconds!! Can you believe it?  I shall check the rest and let you know later, but one thing for sure is that Daisy and Jenna eats like a real lady.  Whitley finished his food in 20 seconds.

When I first got Blossom, she ate really slow, as I got more and more shelties, she ate faster, maybe she felt that if she doesnt eat, THEY will eat it, hahaha.  And now she probably eats as fast as King.

There are two types of dogs, one that eats so fast and never seem to get enough and another type is the kind who feels that he or she could live on just love, hahaha and sometimes they feel like eating and sometimes they dont.  Blossom was like that once opon a time but not anymore.  Anyway, I am glad they are all the 'greedy' kind because the kind that dont want to eat can be very difficult.  I hear some people say - My dog is bored of its food!  Very often, its the OWNER who THINKS it is bored with its food.  Reality is that, dogs dont get bored of their food and my dogs can prove it.  Sometimes people tend to humanise their dogs, but we must respect their needs, people who tells me that their dog is bored, I tell them, a panda eats bamboo everyday, it must be boring that way?  Shall we give it chicken chop then? Hahaha, most of the time they have nothing left to say to me, hahaha.

What I love most about my doggies - whenever I have something in my hand for me to eat, they will NEVER bother me or try to take the food,  because they know human food is not for them and I dont have to worry whenever I have a party because they wont go jumping or a kid and stealing its food.

I could be eating some french fries and I just allow them to sniff and they give me a look, if they could talk, they would probably say, No thanks! its junk! hahaha.

Weather was pretty good today, they all been playing since 3pm and I shall get them in now to rest.

Have a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

To The Groomers!

I had planned to take the dogs to the groomers tomorrow, but after looking at Patrick this morning, after he been playing with Whitley, I called the groomer and said we are coming over today instead!! hahaha...Whitley and Patrick are best of pals now and they play with each other alot.  After playing, Whitley look reasonably clean, but Patrick looked as though he had just swam in MUD!  It rained in the morning and its been raining everyday so I cant really blame him.  But the rest looked fantastic because they dont like getting themselves wet.  But it was time for their bath anyway, so I took all of them to the groomers.

Phew, imagine loading the car with all of them, by the time I finished loading the car, I am already tired, hahaha.

They have had their bath and they smell and look wonderful.  They are now sound asleep.  Luckily the weather was kind enough to stay dry for a while to allow my garderner to cut the grass  and now my garden looks decent again.  The grass was supposed to be cut 3 weeks ago but it rained several times a day which made it impossible.

When the grass was slightly longer than how I would like it, every morning when I go pick up the dog's poop, its like a treasure hunt! hahah now I can see it from a mile away like a sore thumb! hahaha.

Hope the weather gets better, our poor neighbours in Thailand are suffering.  I pray that their nightmare will be over soon.

I have loads to do and Caesar and Cleo will be here in a few days.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Brushing your dog

Do you know the importance of brushing your dog daily??  It is often an overlooked aspect of the dogs health as people do not associate brushing the dog's coat with promoting good pet health.  But the truth is, brushing does promote healthy skin.

Brushing can reduce shedding.  Dogs do shed their fur and by brushing, you remove the dead hair and therefore you wont find much hair around the house.  Most people brush once a week and claims that their dog sheds a lot.  But I think, its because they wait too long and all the dead hair is all over the place and so they feel that the dog has 'shed' a lot.  If you brush daily, removing most of it, you can hardly find any hair around.

Another reason why brushing is so important is because it prevents bacterial build up.  Dogs shed its fur and also dead skin.  If the dead fur and skin is not removed, they get caught in the deep layers of the dogs fur and subsequently the dead skin may begin to grow bacteria and this could lead to skin problems and also bad odour.

Dogs also have a natural layer of oil on the skin and brushing will help distribute the oil evenly.  This natural oil is very importand and bathing them to often with harsh shampoo will take this oil away.  Only give your dog a bath when necessary and not every other day. Once every two weeks is fine, but if your dog is really clean, you can even do once a month.  I bath my dogs once a month and yet when I go walk them, I would often be asked this - "did your dog just have its bath???" hahahahha, its the magic of brushing them daily that makes them pretty....

Lastly, the dogs enjoys it.  They love being touched and brushing is one of the ways of giving them this attention.  Apart from all that,  you will have a dog that looks absolutely gorgeous and will turn heads when you walk them :)  Whatever breed it may be, short hair or long hair, you need to brush them.

Remember that the morning sun is very very imporant and very very good for the skin too! If you see your dog sitting under the sun, dont scold it and ask it to come in......they know what they are doing.

Friday, 4 November 2011

All about Caesar

Today, there will be loads of pictures of Caesar.  From the day he was born till now and how he has changed physically.  I cant wait till he grows up to be a handsome young man with full coat.  Then, most of you, who have not actually seen a sheltie grow from day one will understand what I mean.  Most people who sees a sheltie like King would ask me, when will the pup look like King? hahahha, or why isnt the pup as fluffy as King? hahaha. I get these questions all the time!  A sheltie gets its full coat and looks absolutely amazing at the age of 2 - 3 years old.  So we just have to wait.  Nutrition is very very important too.  Thats why all my shelties have wonderful coat. hehehe.

Yesterday was a very pleasant day, it was cloudy but no rain.  So the dogs were happy and I put a mat in the middle of the garden, for myself, so I could sit on it as I want to be at the same level as the dogs.  All of them surrounded me and wanted cuddles.  So I hugged them one by one, but Aimee couldnt wait, she wanted a hug NOW. So she used her paw on my leg like a cat, it was so cute and so I gave her a hug, then King got jealous, and he too used his paw like a cat on my leg, hahaha.  I was so happy to hug them all, they looked pleased after that and went on playing.  I dont know any other breed that are as loving as a sheltie.

Ok now time for some pictures, from the day Caesar was born till now and in between when he was growing up, see the difference!  I see Caesar the most and quite often, hence I have loads of pictures of him.  He is coming to stay with me soon for 3 weeks.  I miss him.  He is such a lovable boy.

I shall get more pictures of him soon when he comes over.  Have a great weekend....