Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hi! Mum is busy again...Never to busy for us of course, just busy having fun with us.  Zeus and Xera was staying with us a week ago but Mum didnt have the time to post pictures so here is some pictures.  Lady, a bi black sheltie came to stay with us last week and went home yesterday. We had lots of fun together!  Enjoy the pictures. Lots of love, Honey Bun.  Oppss...I forgot to say...Mum found a kitten lying in the middle of the road and decided to check it out.  The kitten had only one eye...sigh...so she took it to the vet and he is getting treatment now.  Mum said, it is a beautiful cat.  I am not allowed to play with it just yet till he is well enough....I will keep you updated on the cat!

Zeus, isnt he a cutie?

Zeus and I

Lady and I having fun in the garden


Isnt she a beauty?

Friday, 18 April 2014


Hello!! Sorry for the long pause...Hi, its me Honey Bun, my human mummy said I can post something here since she is busy.  Here is a picture of me having fun, playing fetch!  I love it!  Tonight, Zeus and Xera are coming over to stay for 3 nights, yay!! My Dad, Sunshine, is cool.  He plays with me, but it will be fun to have friends my age, hehehe...shhhh...dont tell Dad I said that! Am also looking forward to visiting Aunt Blossom and my sisters, Glory, Enya and Gracie before they leave for UK soon.  Till my next post, have a wonderful evening!  Honey Bun XOXO

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Puppy in her new home

The little pup we found a month ago has found a home. After caring for her for a month, it was hard to let her go. She is so intelligent, so loving and affectionate...I must say she is super special. She now lives with her new family and another dog...I miss her so much but I know she is loved and well cared for. I met up with the family first before handing the pup over to ensure that the pup will be loved and well cared for. Today I was just thinking about her and remembered when she is being cuddled she love to try and chew my arms or something and I would tell her not to do it and she would immediately lick that same spot as if she was saying she is sorry....awwww....cute wee fella...here's a picture of her and her new buddy in her new home...

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Meet our guest, Pippa!

Meet our guest, Pippa! She is a Silky Terrier. She will be staying with us for two days, while her human mum and dad go on a short holiday. The little pup is very fond of her and Honey Bun too. Here are some pictures of Pippa and her new friends.