Dogton Abbey is a cosy, safe and relaxing vacationing boarding house for your much-loved pooches, as you make holiday plans of your own. Thinking of the perfect place to have your canine friend watched and protected can be stressful, but at Dogton Abbey, your pet dog would feel very much at home.
Our uniqueness is simple: your furry friends are never caged, whilst ensuring that they always have a spacious and wide area to run free and frolic on. Ample of love and attention are constantly showered and there’s never a dull moment for those paws as we are too used to engaging in so much fun with our fuzzy guests.

Apart from that, no more than two dogs are accepted at any one time for boarding, giving you peace-of-mind that your dogs receive the best personal attention throughout their boarding. Your canine friends are personally cared for by the owner of the boarding house, who painstakingly sees to it that her “guests” are brushed and groomed on a daily basis.
We usually accept Shetland Sheepdogs, however, will not hesitate to consider other breeds if they are well-socialized, grass-trained and get along well with other dogs. However, to safeguard the care of other dogs in our guardianship, we have a strict policy of only accepting dogs for boarding that are vaccinated and free from parasites.


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