Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Shelties and Children

I have had shelties almost all my life.  I truly know what they are like.  They are amazing dogs.  What I love most about them is how loving and affectionate they are. Apart from that, they have a magical bond with kids, you have to see how they react with kids, they are so gentle and loving.

Here are some pictures taken a few days go.  Shelties and kids, they are just magical!

The little pup having a good time with the kids

King # 2 was so loving and gentle with the kids


Friday, 26 October 2012

Jenna's pups - almost 8 weeks old

Jenna's pups will be 8 weeks old next Wednesday.  They are so playful.  I dont think they ever get tired!  I took some pictures of them today playing in the garden.  King #2 is doing well.  He loves the pups.  He always uses his paw and invite the pup to play...He is a real darling.  Everyone loves him.  Ive not updated the blog for the past few days so here, loads of pictures to make up for it. hahaha...  Enjoy!  I am going to get their ears set on Wednesday too.

Look at them play, all 4 paws in the air!


This cheeky fella is watching them play
He knew they were going to come for him and then he plays dead, hahahah....

King loves the pups...he is playing with them...

I told you I was going to sit on your face didnt I!

Now take that for sitting on my face! hahaha...

Shhhhh....dont tell anyone am here

No one was hurt....hahaha, this is how pups play.... they learn during that process too....thats how they learn bite inhibition.  Their mum plays a very important role too.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Puppy play time!

Jenna's pups are super smart....only 6 weeks old and toilet training is going extremely well.  They are so adorable I have to stop myself from squeezing them, hahaha....  Ive had a busy morning.  Had a visitor, they came over to look at King#2, they love him and thought what a beautiful and well behaved dog he is.  I also like them very much.  They seem very concern about providing only the best for him and the young lady who would like to have him seem very responsible.  Then my friend Lisa came to visit.  She brought some goodies for me and the dogs.  Thanks Lisa!  We then went for lunch, came home and sat outside and chat and played with the pups.

Then, I took her to the train station and then headed home.  Then got the dogs fed and then let them out and then it rained! Then an hour later, I had another visitor.  This time they came to look at Caledonian Dancing In The Snow.  They like her very much and I like them very much too!  They are experienced dog owners and I can see that they have a lot of love for dogs.  They met King#2 also and thinks he is a lovely dog.

I took a short video using my ipad a few days ago when the pup was playing and here it is. Its short and not perfect, hahaha, enjoy it anyway...Have a great evening.

Jenna's pups playing

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jenna's babies - 6 Weeks old

Jenna's pups will be 6 weeks old tomorow.  They have grown so much and are so adorable.  They absolutely love the outdoors now.  They are on solid food and they love running about in the garden.  King #2 is EXTREMELY nice to them, he tolerates them like how their mum would.  He let them climb on him, bite his tail and do all sorts of things to him and he dont seem annoyed at all, what a lovely boy you are King #2.  Your mummy and I, we are so proud of you.

The pups are so cute, I love to watch them play and 'bully' each other. I have already started grooming them weeks back, they are good and its so easy to comb them everyday. Its important to start early so they get used to such things and it becomes a norm to them when they are older which makes owning them so much more pleasurable!

King #2 is still with me, never gave me any trouble at all. Such a well behaved doggie he is.  Such a sweetheart.

I managed some pictures of the pups today.  I have not been updating the blog lately because I have so much to do and still have a lot to do and thought I better take some time to put up some pictures.  Am sure everyone is missing them and are wondering what they look like now and how they are doing.  Here are some pictures I took this morning.

What a pretty girl you are!

I love this little fella, he is such a cheeky lovely boy

This is Teddy bear, he is a sweet boy.  Need to get their ears set soon.

Couldnt help it, had to post this cute pic of their bum..hahaha...

Hehehe...my handsome boy...

Teddy is one happy boy....

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Welcome Home!

Sorry for the long pause, I have been extremely busy with our 'new' arrival, Mal Ch. Caledonian King and the pups and I wasnt feeling too well a couple of days ago.  Thankfully, I am better now.  When King #2 arrived from East Malaysia, he stayed with my friend for awhile as I couldnt bring him home just yet because my four boys at home WILL not be happy with the arrival of another BOY, which means more competition for them, hahaha...after 6 days, I got him neutered and now he is home with me.

One problem though, I have got TWO KING in the house, hahaha not sure how am I going to sort this out, I cant change his name! I will figure something out.  He is a really sweet and gentle boy, get along with everyone and he is very well behaved. I am happy he is here.

Here is a picture of him at home

Jenna's pups are begining to love being outdoor. A week ago, when I first took them out, they were unsure, but after a few minutes they realise that its fun being out! And now after taking them out every single day, a few times a day, they will complain when I take them in when it gets dark, hahaha...but today they had so much fun outside, after playing they were too tired to complain, they all slept outside and when it got dark, I took them in one by one. They are all sound asleep now.

I took some pictures of them today. They have grown.

Unsure and checking out the garden

This little girl reminds me so much of Enya

They realised, garden = HAPPINESS

After all that playing, look at how they are sleeping, so adorable, I actually have another pic of different pups doing the same thing.  Have a look below!

 I better go get some dinner, I am starving....stay tuned for more blog updates on King #2 and the pups!  Goodnight!