Saturday, 31 March 2012


Enya, Glory, Princess (now named Khloe) and Love (now name Xera) have gone to their new homes.  Xera went to join Zeus,  Enya and Glory went to the same home and Khloe has gone to a home with a two year old sheltie as company.  All of them have another sheltie to play with, how wonderful is that?

Enya and Glory's owner is a lovely person who updates me on them whenever she can, how sweet of her, its good to know they both settled in well and are very very happy in their new home.  As for Khloe,  her owners were so kind to let me visit her, when we arrived, and she was brought out to the garden, she was wagging her wee tail.  It was lovely to see.  She has a two year old sheltie living with her, Keesha, she is a sweet gentle girl.  They both have two lovely kids to play with as well.  I really love those kids, I could see so much love in them for their dogs.  They were so gentle with them especially with Khloe.

Xera who went to live with her brother Zeus is doing great too!  Her owners updates me from time to time on how she is doing. Zeus is very very happy to have another sheltie to play with.  Xera is only a young pup and already know that she should only poo and pee on grass.  Fantastic.

Sunshine is still with me,  theres just something about her that makes me melt.  I think its her eyes.  I love her eyes.  She is fine and still have other pups to play with, Aimee's pups.  Aimee's pups are extremely cute now.  They are really smart.  There was one day, I took them out to the garden, and they all pee on the grass all at the same time!  It was hillarious to see all 7 of them doing it together at the very same second! hahaha

When I call them they would come to me, its so adorable to watch them running to me.  They too are getting it that grass = toilet.  I am very proud.

It has been raining a lot lately,  havent got any chance to take pictures of them playing, but I shall do that soon when I get the chance and I shall post more pictures of the little cutie pies.

Good night!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What a day!

I have been busy the whole day, only now I have a little time to read my emails and sort some things.  I was out the whole day, luckily I have help at home.  I sent the dogs to the groomers today, rushed to the chiroprator again for my hand and luckily I made it there in time and  was not late for the appointment I had with him.  After that I had lunch as the dogs werent ready yet, went to the vet to get some supplies, went to the shop to get some things for a friend, then pick the dogs, rushed home, fed them and now am all settled and relaxing a little.  I just had dinner and now I am going to prepare some chocolate coated strawberries to eat and watch some TV.  Its going to be another busy day tomorrow.

Have a fantastic evening everyone....

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Gorgeous Babies

Aimee's pups are now 5 weeks old and they are beautiful and playful.  They are already on solid food, slightly soften and and will be able to eat like the adults in a couple of weeks more.  They really love playing outside with the rest of them.  I took some pictures of them yesterday.  Arent they just adorable?

In just a few more days, Enya will be going to her new home.  She will be living with a lovely lady and their home is just 5 minutes away from the beach.  Enya is a real cutie pie.

Its half past 5 in the morning, the doggies have been fed and are now out playing.  I have a busy day ahead as usual, just going to get something to drink.  Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Sunday Evening

Today was a really busy day.  As usual it was an early start and I do the usual, then had lunch and had 3 visitors after that. After all that, it was evening already and the dogs were fed and let out to play in the garden.  After that I wanted to get some fresh air and go out for a little while.  Looked and King and said "shall we go to the dog friendly park?" He looked at me with his sparkly eyes as if he was saying YES. So off we went to the dog park.

There were lots of people there.  We meet someone we knew there, walked by the lake and all I hear people saying is "look its lassie" hahaha, it aint Lassie!! Its King and he is a sheltie!  After our walk, we stopped for a drink and something light to eat.  While we were at the Fitou Brasserie, King was as usual a very good boy and I gave him some ice to cool him down after the long walk.  I saw two Maltese yapping and almost getting into a fight.  Such a pretty thing but such behaviour. sigh...shelties wonderful shelties.....Such dignified dog walking so proudly and calmly next to me...  I once read somewhere, someone said, "I dont get my sunshine from the sun, but from my shelties eyes" wow thats fantastic and how true!!

When we were at the park, King was looking to see if there was any other shelties there but nope, none.  After our drink, we went to visit one of Blossom's pup who lives near the park.  King was happy to see another sheltie, and when the wee puppy saw her daddy, she wagged her tail and played with his tail, hahaha.  They also have an older sheltie and she was a sweetie pie. She now has got a playmate and is very happy.

I took some picture of King at the park, the weather was slightly gloomy so the pictures arent great.


I love Koi fish, they are so beautiful.

Yesterday I was holding one of Aimee's girls and I had her on my lap,  I was tickling her tummy and she fell asleep on my lap!  Look at how cute she is.
Look at her cute face!

Saturday, 24 March 2012


I have had a really busy week, and the weekend is going to be busy too.  I have so many things to do and it seems never ending, hahaha..I guess thats life...Few days ago, my pal and I went to see the gynecologist to do the routine checks, before going, its always a dreadful thing but she is a great Doctor and it was all over in only a few minutes.  All was good so we left the place happy and smiling.  I also had to go and see the Chiropractor to get my hand that was hurting, "fixed".  I would need to go see him a few more times before it gets better, its already a wee bit better now thankfully.

Pups are doing great.  Blossom's pups going to their new home next week, Aimee's pup are doing great, very cute and happy when out in the garden.

I have an extremely busy day today. I have two visitors, then after that am off to the dog show, just to have a look.

It will be a great and busy day again today.  Have a great weekend!

Here is a picture of Aimee's pup sleeping in the garden after so much playing.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

To The Vet

I took Blossy's pups to the vet today to get them microchipped and vaccinated.  Even at such a young age, they were so well behaved. Thankfully non of them got car sick.  All seemed happy and enjoyed the air conditioning. They looked around and then sat quietly all the way there.  When the vet vaccinated them and mircrochipped them, they never made a sound and was ok with everything.  On the way back, they slept all the way home. When we got home, they were fed and they fell asleep again and then it was my turn to have lunch. They will be going to their new homes soon.  They are all asleep now and for the first time in a long long time, I think I am going to take a nap!

Have a great evening!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Out and About

Blossom's pups enjoys being out in the garden.  Today, Aimee's pups went out for the first time.  It was really cute to see them in the garden.  A bit confused and unsure, then they explored and loved it outside.  I took some pictures of them when they first felt grass for the first time.  They were adorable.  Look at the pictures and you will know what I mean.  They are 26 days old today.  They tried some soaked kibbles today and they loved it.

Look at her face....

This little girl looks as though she is being punished, awwww... dont do that sweetie are making me weak with that face....awww.....

I took more pictures of them and here they are

And here are some pictures of Blossy's pup playing in the garden.

Look at the two,  Enya was being cheeky and was disturbing her sister earlier, then her sister was probably taking revenge, hahaha, look at Enya's face!

Then the both of them chased each other....Weeee....we are flying!!

The little Princess

Enya trying to be a ballerina, haha...

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Updates on Whitley

Its been a week since Whitley left for Singapore and he is at the quarantine station now and will be there for another 3 weeks.  It isnt as bad as it sounds.  The quarantine station in Singapore is nice.  I remember importing for the first time and when I found out the dog had to be quarantined, I freaked out as I thought the quarantine station would be something like a dog pound, hahaha but it was a relief to see that the quarantine station here in Malaysia isnt anything near what I thought it would be and it isnt too bad actually.  But in Singapore, it is definately much much better.  So I cant complain, hahaha...

I wondered how Whitley was doing and wrote to his owners, she wrote back saying Whitley is doing great, is walking on leash, still loves his food and he loves the kids!  The kids loves him too!  One of them even brought him her blanket for him to sleep on, awww.... how sweet...  Shelties always have a special thing for kids.  I always tell people this but they need to see it for themselves to know what I really mean.  When Whitley saw the kids for the first time, he behaved as if he knew them all his life.  Thats a sheltie for you!  He is very smart too, he learnt tricks in just 2 days!!  I was told.  Even when he was with me, he knew exactly what I wanted him to do.  Just after 2 repetitions, he knows what to do.

I am so happy to hear all is going great and that everyone loves him.  Nothing more I could ask for.  I am really happy for you Whitley.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

What an Adventure!

Going out of the city is always an adventure for me!  I dont like the city!  Anyway, I made a few calls today to view some properties and the agent was free to have us and so I made sure the pups were fed and we went out for a wee while.  It was a pleasant journey and didnt take long at all to get there.  Once we arrived, OH MY GOD, it was paradise.  The kind of place I would want to live.  So lovely, all I could hear was birds.  And I went in the house, it was nice and small, just want a I wanted, and the land????  OH MY GOD, HUGE!! About 6 times bigger than what I have now.  The view at the back garden???  OH MY GOD! Mountains!!!  I said, I am taking it ! hahaha, but we first have to sell our current house in order to get that one.  So we shall see how it goes.  Hopefully we will get to move there soon.

Amazing or what??

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Whitley has arrived Singapore and is now at the quarantine station.  His owners was so kind to let me know that he has arrived safely.  At first he was hesitant when coming out of the crate but after a while he warmed up.  The journey there must have confused him a little and that made him unsure, usually he gets really happy and excited meeting new people.  But I am very glad he is fine.  The quarantine station looks lovely!

My New Love!

I love watching -  The Incredible Dr Pol on TV.  He reminds me of my wonderful vet.  He is caring and genuinely loves the animal and is always concern about the animal he treats.  Last week, Dr Pol treated some amazing looking animals.  And they are Alpacas!!!  I fell in love with their cute look immediately!!  and said I want them! hahahaha... before that I need more space and some help before I can even have them.  I have to do some research on them too to see if its suitable to keep them.  But they are so irresistible and so so so adorable.  Hopefully one day in the future, I will be able to keep them.  Look at them, arent they just super cute?  Hahaha, yea I know, am a bit crazy, I want mandarin ducks too and a pair of swan will be nice!  I think its ok to be a little crazy in life as long as you are not hurting anyone, being crazy adds spice in our lives and its fantastic!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bon Voyage Whitley!

Just a few minutes ago, Whitley has left for Singapore.  He will be seeing his new family tomorrow.  I have had the pleasure in caring for him for the past 8 months.  Now he is on his way to his new home.  Before he left, I gave him a hug and told him to be a good boy :)  His new family must be really excited to see him tomorrow.  I am sure he will be loved and well cared for, and most importantly, there will be kids in his life.  Shelties adores kids!

The weather was gloomy today but I manage to take some pictures of him before he left.  Here they are, from a tiny baby, to a handsome young boy.  I cant wait to see him when he gets older with his full coat.

Whitley when he was 2 months old

Whiltey giving Uncle Josh kisses (3 months old)

Whitley, just before he left today

Monday, 5 March 2012


The pups had a great time outdoors today!  I was going to let them out in a couple of days but this morning I tried and they absolutely loved it and so they got to play outside again in the evening.  Usually at this age, they are still a wee bit wobbly and usually panic in a large open space, I was expecting that but as soon as I let them down, they were running about, checking every corner of the garden and was not affraid to explore at all!  Thats Blossom's pup for you!  Her pups are always super intelligent.  They played like how a two month old pup would.  They were so happy.  Here are some pictures to prove it.

Look at that smile of her face!

First time in the garden and I am trying to roar like a lion, mum!

Look at her!  What a beauty!

The little cutie pie, Enya

Sunday, 4 March 2012

On solid food

I tried giving Blossom's pups solid food today and they did great and loved it.  They finished everything in just a few minutes.  Sometimes a pup this age needs to learn to eat solid food but they had no problems at all.  They loved it.  After their meal, I gave them some water.  You should have seen the expression on their face! hahaha.... if they could say something they would probably say, why kind of milk is this!! its tasteless!! hahaha, milk is all they have had since birth and have never tasted water.  They are so cute now.  Playing a a few days time, they will go out for the first time...and potty training starts..

Aimee's pups have grown and their eyes should be open soon.

Have a wonderful day.  I shall post more pictures soon when Aimee's pup are a little older.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Blossy's pup at 28 days old

Blossom's pups are 28 days old today.  I managed to take some lovely pictures of them.  They look a little sleepy in the photos and thats because they just been fed and were feeling sleepy already.  Here they are.....

Caledonian Sunshine

Caledonian Glory

Caledonian Rose (Enya is spoken for)

Caledonian Love (This girl is spoken for)

Caledonian Princess

And here are Aimee's pup, 9 days old....

Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Home?

We went for a drive today, looking to see if we can find something nice to make it a new home.  Our current home is great.  Just that I always like to work harder and find something bigger and better for my lovely dogs.  What they have now is big enough however I would like more room incase I like to keep some of my pups.

So we went for a long drive today and I saw this piece of land and I fell in love with it immediately.  At first I thought the land size was about 18000sf, but it is actually 3 acres!!!  I couldnt see because the land was overgrown and I cant see how big it was until I was told how big the land was!!!  When I heard 3 acres, gosh, it is perfect! hahahah, but now we have to see if we can afford it.  We have to go and find out who the owners are and then go from there.  I would love that piece of land!

I just have to wait till I get some news from a friend who lives around the area.  We visited her today and she showed us around and she is a sheltie lover!  She has chosen one of Blossy's pups and she will be joining her very soon.

Ok, I better go check on the pups, then off to bed and pray real hard that god will grant me my wish. hahaha...  Good night!!

PS:  I was going to take pictures of the pups today but it was gloomy and then it rained so perhaps tomorrow.