Sunday, 25 September 2011

The King and I

We are proud to announce that King is now MALAYSIAN GRAND CHAMPION and INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!!!

I am very happy and proud of King.  We were at the show yesterday and today.  Our day started at 4.30am.  I got up, got the dogs fed and ensure they had enough time outside before I left for the show.  When we got there, we unloaded the car and started setting up our things at the benching area.  A few minutes later, Annie, Estelle and Lelaina arrived.  We checked and had time for breakfast before the show starts and so off we went to get something to eat.  Saturday was great, King was awarded Best of Breed.

Today, King was awarded Best of Breed as well and today he also became, International Champion!  We started quite early and fortunately finished quite early too.  We packed and were on our way home, before that, we stoped by at my favourite groomer so King could get a bath.  While he was getting his spa treatment, we had something to eat and did some grocery shopping near by.

King was happy to be home, and to be honest, I am so tired and dont think I can do anything for the day.  I took a picture with King when I got home, I am really happy and I thought I was smilling but didnt look like it in the picture, hahahha, I am just so tired but honestly I was smilling inside.

After unloading the car, I got ready and went to see my family as it was my brother's birthday.  It was so lovely to see my nephew and niece and entertaining them with their never ending questions, hahaha.  I also got to see Zeus!! What a bonus for the day.  He has grown a lot but he is still small.  His colour has changed too.  Cheeky as ever and still very playful.  He is very close to his owners and they love him very very much.

I just got home not long ago, got the dogs fed and now they are playing outside.  I am really really tired and I think I am going to take a short nap.  What a wonderful day it has been for me..... Have a great evening....

King - Getting groomed on the table

My handsome boy : )

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Home Sweet Home

Fussel, Caesar and Cleo has gone home.  Their owners came to pick them up this evening and all of a sudden, it feels weird not having them here.  I miss them already....but they are back with their loving owners and they were so happy to see them so that makes me really happy.

Now, Whitley will have his pen all to himself and will have to play with the adults again, which he dont really mind actually.  My day today was an extremely busy one.  Woke up really early to make sure the dogs get their time out, the contractors came over to get the work outside finished.  All the four pups had a bath and I used the bath salt on them and they smell so lovely after the bath.  I then went to pick Patrick up from the vet (he had an abscess on his neck) he is fine, just needed it cleaned.  He probably got it when they were playing ball and one of them must have accidently made a tiny puncture when they grabbed him by the neck while playing.  Then, I sent them all to the groomers just so the contractors have some space to do their work without them getting in their way.  They are due for a bath too anyway.

After that, we all came home and they were fed and were out in the garden.  They are all looking great after the groomers.  I really love my groomer.  She does a great job and has genuine love for animals which is the most important thing for me.

The contractors finished doing what they had to do and I just got a little bit more to do at home and things will be super then.  Tomorrow will be cleaning up day and then things will be back to normal again and just have to prepare for the upcoming show.  Goodnight!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Born a Super Star!

I have been running about like a headless chicken today.  So many things to do and so little time and the weather isnt helping.  Luckily it hasnt rain today so that means the dogs get to go out and play.  It looks like it is going to rain though.  If it rains, I hope it is tonight and tomorrow should be a nice sunny hot day so the workers can finish their repair work outside so that my home can look nice again.  Got the pups nails and hair on paw pads trimmed, and going to give them a bath tomorrow.  Fussel, Cleo and Caesar are going home tomorrow and Whitley will have his pen all to himself again.  Since the weather was dry, I managed to do some training with Caesar and he is a natural !  Look at him...standing so proud and graceful.  I love this look!
I am very fortunate to be able to watch a sheltie grow from birth to adulthood.  When they are born they look like wee mice, then super duper cute, then lanky (from about 4 months to 8 months) like Caesar now, and then into full grown adult with full coat, they look magnificient! Caesar should be ready by December 2011 to show and hope he will shine just like his daddy.

4 months old
Those who have guessed King as the dog in my blog yesterday, you are right! Thats King, see how different they are when they are young and when they are full grown with their full coat?  When your pups are finally full grown, then you will understand what I mean.

I am starving and shall get something to eat now.  I hope tomorrow will be a nice sunny day!  Have a great evening everyone!

Monsoon Season is here!

Its been raining a lot lately and the monsoon season is here.  One of the days, it rained 3 times in that 24 hours which was difficult as the dog was needing out etc.  I dont mind the rain if the dogs werent needing out and if it didnt rain the whole day.  We do need the rain especially since its been so hot a couple a months ago, but 3 times a day, is too much! hahaha

Because of the rain, some repair work outside got delayed, the garderner needs to come almost every two weeks because the grass grows really fast if it rains everyday and I cant do any training outside because of that too and the show is next weekend.  I have a guest who have yet to confirm if she is coming or not and it is very difficult to plan like this.

I couldnt take any pictures yesterday because of the rain.  Have a look at this picture.  See if you can guess who this is.

Can you guess who this is?  Do you know the answer?

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Busy Busy....

Caesar and Cleo are here.  They are staying with us for a couple of days.  Whitley and Fussel are so happy to see them.  After their owners left,  they were fed and they gobbled everything up in less than a minute (Caesar usually eats quite slow and gets distracted if another puppy wants to play)  They played happily in the garden with the adults.  Aimee loves to chase Caesar.  Cleo loves to play with Whitley.

Yesterday I went shopping for scissors and ended up buying one and also a very pretty grooming bag (for dog show)  There were so many to choose from, it was a tough decision to make and finally settled for a black one.

The next two weeks is going to be super busy and hectic.  I have a dog show coming up, I might have a guest coming during that time to help me at the show, had the garderner in today,  got the painters coming tomorrow and the day after, got to train Caesar and King and care for all of them too.  On Saturday, I am going to give the pups a bath followed by Pet Esthe Aromatic Bath Salt ! I love Pet Esthe products, it gives you great satisfaction at the end of the day. Phew, its going to be tiring.... I better go get the dogs in as its time for me to go to bed.  Good night and pictures to follow tomorrow.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Time flies...

Whitley will be 12 weeks old tomorrow.  How time flies... he was only a tiny baby not long ago and now he has grown quite a bit.  I took some lovely pictures of him today.  Whitley loves to play with everyone especially Josh.  One thing that really amazes me is that, Josh is quite rough when it comes to playing especially when he is playing with Jenna.  Thats just him, he isnt a bad boy just that he loves to play a little rough at times.  The funny thing is, ever since he became a daddy last year, he is extremely gentle when it comes to playing with the pups.  He tolerates everything that the puppies do to him including jumping on him and trying to chew off his ears! hahaha,  he does not get irritated at all and continue to allow them to do whatever they want to him. Thats just great.  Sunshine on the other hand, would get really annoyed when the pups do all those stuff to him, after all they tried to bite his marbles off a couple of times so who can blame him for being mad! hahaha....but Sunshine is a real angel. 

Here are some pictures of Whitley taken today.

Whitley (now)

Whitley about amont ago
 I have been very very busy lately, with lots of stuff to do.  The show is just around the corner and I shall be showing King.  Patrick the pup (Whitley's brother) now named King by his new owners came to visit today.  They needed me to show them how to put his ear brace on.  It was wonderful to see him again.  He looks very similar to Whitley, cutie pie.  Caesar and Cleo coming over to stay soon and Fussel will be going home very soon too.  Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Fussel harrasing Jenna

Yesterday evening, after the dogs were fed, I was sitting in the garden.  Then I saw Fussel and Jenna sitting under the willow tree and it was such an adorable pose together,  I went in quietly, hoping Jenna wont get excited and hopefully she would remain in that position.  I had to do this quietly because, when Jenna sees the camera, she thinks its play time because often when they are playing, we are clicking away, hahahha....

When I came out with my camera, they were not sitting like how they were a few seconds ago but something funny happened.  Fussel is very fond of Jenna, she is very gentle towards him.  Jenna was finding a spot to poop and Fussel has something else in his mind!  He wants to play! So, Jenna kept going round and round looking for her spot too poop, but everytime she tries Fussel will jump on her, hahahha.  Finally after the 3rd time, she gave Fussel a bark probably to say - LET ME POOP FIRST.  Look at the pictures, its so hilarious.

Jenna trying to find a spot to poop

Fussel wants to play and kept jumping at Jenna

Jenna barked at him and he looked at me with this face, AWWW poor little baby. He is probably thinking, what did I do wrong?? hahaha, its ok Fussel boy you didnt do anything wrong, you will learn in time.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


This is Patrick when he was a wee baby.  He was about 2 months old then.  Isnt he cute?  I got Patrick when he was 7 months old.  He is now 9 months old.  I cant wait till he grows up with his full coat.  I bet he will look stunning.  I have always loved shelties and sable and white was my favourite.  In the past all I wanted was MORE sable and white.  Then I begin to like blue merles.  I saw Jenna and fell in love with her and so I got her.  THEN I wanted every colour!!! hahaha...Finally now, I have all the colours.  I now appreciate all the different colours.  When you see them together, playing, with all the different colours, its just facinating to watch.  In the begining I never saw myself having anything but sables and one sheltie is never enough.  Its a terrible disease to have I tell you!! hahaha, I call it SHELTIE FEVER.  Once you have it, the only cure is to get a SHELTIE, hahaha.  But I love it, its not a bad kind of addiction.  I do know my limit and I must be able to care for all of them without compromising anything.  For now, I think I have enough shelties to keep me happy for quite a long time, although a couple more sables wouldnt hurt, hahaha.  I am really looking forward to Jenna's litter, it would be my first blue litter. I am really excited and hopefully I will have some wonderful news in a couple of months time.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Fussel has been with us for two days now.  He is fine and well and happy.  Everyone loves him including my adult dogs and he doesnt cause any problem, very well behaved.  He is very fond of Whitley, they love to play with each other, they also share the same pen and sleep together at night.  Weather is cooler today and they been out alot.  I took some pictures today and here they are.

Fussel and Whitley


Something caught their attention

Two loving brothers

My handsome boy, Josh

Caesar and Cleo will be coming to stay with us soon for a couple of days.

Whitley's Vet Visit

We took Whitley to the vet yesterday to get his rabbies vaccination done.  When we left the house, he was sleeping.  So I picked him up very slowly and gently and he sat on my lap in the car all the way to the vet.  He sat still occasionally looking out the window.  This is one thing I really love about shelties.  They are not crazy in cars.  They are all so well behaved.  I have seen dogs jumping about and barking during car rides.  Imagine if I have a few in the car and all behaving like that! hahaha....Thankfully all my shelties behave so well in the car.  None of them go crazy or bark.  You will find them looking out the window or sitting quietly till they arrive.  People are often impressed with their behaviour including my groomer when I send them all over for grooming and bath.  One of them is my champion, Blossom! I can put her at the front seat and she would just sit and look out the window! haha.

When Whitley arrived at the vet clinic, we got him weighed and he then got his rabies shot.  He made no fuss, he was very calm and didnt yelp or anything like that.  It was over in a few seconds.  The vet gave him a pat on his head and he wagged his tail.  Some dogs behaves differently  when they arrive at the vet, some become a wee bit scared, but Whitley, he had no fear at all.  He is a mighty prince after all!

Once we were done, we waited at the vet for awhile (normal procedure after the jab) to see if he reacts to the jab.  After that, we got the approval to leave and so we did.  Whitley rested his head on my chest and slept all the way home.

Fussel is doing well and happy to have dogs around him.  He is a very well behaved dog.  Whenever he wants attention, he would bark, but the way he bark is so 'polite' it is as if he was saying, please come and play with me rather than, come play with me now!  He is only 3 months plus and is superb with his toilet training.  He never once mess his pen during the night.  He is such a lovable boy.  Thats all for today, I shall go play with Fussel and Whitley now.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Whitley has company!

Zeus went home yesterday and Whitley was back to being alone (without someone his age to play with)  He dont mind playing with the adults at all, its just that he loves to play with someone his age too.  But he has got company today!  Fussel is here!  He will be staying with us for awhile.  Fussel has grown so much. Looking more and more like his daddy especially the face.  When Fussel arrived, he was a bit reserved towards Whitley but soon they began to play.  Fussel loves cuddles, whenever you pick him up or cuddle, he will be wagging his tail so much!  I am really happy to see him and I am glad to be able to spend some time with him.  I took some pictures today and here they are.

Look at Fussel below, giving Patrick puppy kisses, awww, so sweet.....

Father and Son, dont they look alike??

Aimee wants to be in the picture too, look at her making funny faces! her tongue is sticking out. hahaha

Fussel snifffing Patrick bum

My lovely boy Patrick, he is getting really handsome

My baby, King
 Fussel and the rest of them are out in the garden playing.  I am off to prepare dinner.  Bye bye for now and more to come tomorrow.

Friday, 2 September 2011

The Grand Reunion

We had another barbie today.  Weather was dry but pretty hot but it got cooler later in the evening so all was good.  The pups had their grand reunion.  Cleo and Caesar came over today and was happy to see Zeus and Whitley.  Its been a while since they played together and it was great watching them.  They are all so happy especially Whitley.  He is so full of energy it seems like he never gets tired of playing.

We ate, laugh and watched them play.  I had a great time with great company and am sure the pups were really happy too.  After Caesar and Cleo left, Whitley found a comfy spot and slept and nothing woke him up after that, hahahah. Finally he is exhausted.  Zeus was tired too.  They both slept like a baby while we clean up after our wee party.  Caesar has grown quite a bit and Cleo is so much fluffier now.

Here are some pictures taken today.


Whitley Playing with Zeus

The four of them reunited

Caesar and Cleo

A unique coloured magpie, pretty isnt it? Looks like a blue merle, hahaha

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Another Barbie!

We are having another barbie tomorrow!  This time, Cleo and Caesar will be here too!  What a grand reunion it will be for the pups! Whitley is going to be really happy.

Today was a busy day, I gave Whitley and Zeus a bath, went out shopping for food for tomorrow and played with the doggies in the evening.

I just finished dinner and washing up and soon going to prepare for tomorrow.  Need to get those chicken wings marinated. I hope the weather will be nice, dry and cool as we are starting early.

You can expect load of pictures tomorrow and I am looking forward to a great evening tomorrow.  Till then good night!