Tuesday, 31 May 2011

They are here!

When I woke up today at my usual time to feed the dogs, Daisy didnt want her breakfast. Then I knew it was time as it has been 24 hours since her last meal. So, I got her comfortable and continued doing what I had to do. I intentionally went on doing my things so that she would focus and not get distracted by me being there. Although I was doing my work, I was constantly checking on her. Finally at 10.30am today, she gave birth to her first puppy! It is a boy! and hour later she gave birth to another BOY. Both sable and white, sired by King.

I am exhausted while Daisy look her normal self, hahaha. I didnt get lunch till about 3pm. Now Diasy and the pups are resting.

Its really facinating to watch a sheltie grow. They are usually born quite dark, and as they grow they get lighter and then get darker again, although not all of them are like that. (sable and white shelties) In my next post, I will show you pictures of how they look like at certain age and how their coat colour change.

Here are some pictures of Daisy's babies born today. For now they only look like a wee mouse. I will post picture of them every couple of days.

I am really so tired and my back is killing me. I feel as though that it was me who has just given birth, hahaha.

Not long now before Blossom's turn.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ?

He's my brother!

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Daisy finally ate something yesterday in the evening, so I guess it is not as soon as I expected and should deliver in a few more days. She aslo ate more just before I went to bed. Since there was nothing to "panic" about just yet, I invited two lovely kids over to my house as they really wanted to play and spend some time with the dogs.  The weather was pleasant and they played with the dogs in the garden.

Shelties have a special thing for kids. They just love kids. Everyone I know who owns a sheltie realises that their sheltie behaves differently when with kids. I have seen it with my shelties and know how special kids are to them. But, I dont see many kids these days who treats animal with respect and love. The two lovely kids who visited me, were fantastic with the shelties. He patted Jenna with so much gentleness and love. Melts my heart!

Daisy went straight to the kids and wagged her tail, Blossom was happy as usual, Sunshine was staying as far as he could, hahaha and the rest were happy too. Jenna was extremely gentle with them until she saw the ball and starting jumping.

The kids had a great time and so did the doggies. I really feel happy when I see kids who has so much respect for animals and treats them with so much kindness and gentleness.

Here are some pic and you can see how gentle the boy was with Jenna patting her head so lovingly and gently.

Saturday, 28 May 2011


I am very excited and the next few days will be very interesting. Daisy is due to give birth very soon. Everything is all set and ready. For the past week,  her meals were divided into 4 meals per day so that she doesnt have to take in so much at one go. She has also become very clingy and sometimes only wants to eat from my hand. And so, I would sit next to her and feed her till she finishes her food.

This morning when I fed her, she didnt want her food. I tried again 5 hours later and she still didnt want it. It could be a sign that she might give birth REALLY soon. Let see in the evening if she eats, if she doesnt, then its time I have to keep a very close watch on her and have to be very allert even during the night.

Their behaviour will change and thats how I know to get ready.

I will keep everyone updated with more news soon.

Photo abflowers9410.jpg

Monday, 23 May 2011

Frauline Visits Us

Frauline visited us yesterday! And we were so happy..Thats two days in a row we had visitors. Frauline was greeted by her mother, Blossom. She then went over to see the rest of them including her father, Josh. They were all so excited and played together.

Usually Frauline would bite her father's tail and he wouldnt even mind at all. This is strange because Josh usually wont take it, if it was another dog doing it to him. He is a good father. However today, Frauline decided that she would bully Jenna instead. She was constantly at her face, hahaha, but luckily Jenna is very nice and very motherly to her.

Frauline is now almost 6 months old. She has grown so much and her coat is much darker than before. She is really a cheeky girl.

I was told that when Frauline is at home and when she goes for a walk, she is absolutely fearless and will bark at the two German Shepherds that lives in the same neighbourhood. She also has a Rough Collie friend. She is also very protective when she sees a stranger near the house. Her owners thinks she is a wee Rottweiler! hahaha

Frauline is a very intelligent girl. Even when she was a young little puppy,
Even when she was a young little puppy, I only needed to teach her a couple of times and after that she knew what to do. For example, toilet training her was a piece of cake because she was really smart. I am very impressed with her.

Here are some picture taken while they were playing together.

Father and daughter standing next to each other

Look at Frauline going for the ball!

Frauline not giving up!

Look at her GO!

Still trying

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Set Them Free!

Today we had late lunch. We went to a shop nearby and had our lunch there. After the meal, I realised that food for Mr Bird is running low and thought we should get more (if you dont know the story about Mr Bird, please click this link) http://caledonianshelties.blogspot.com/2011/05/meet-mr-bird.html

As we entered the shop, we saw birds, hamsters, rabbits all in tiny cages. I saw a rabbit eating news paper and another rabbit eating its own fur. It was such a sad thing to see. Even more with the birds. I really feel that we should not keep a bird in a cage or even keep birds as pets full stop. How would we feel if we were locked up in a room all our lives? How would a bird feel being in a cage all their life? At the shop we even saw a porcupine!!! I wish I could save them all.

So I bought the food for Mr Bird and was about to leave the shop.  Somehow, the birds in one cage caught my attention and it was as though they were saying SAVE US!

And so, I bought a pair, brought it home and SET them FREE! The minute I let them go, they flew away so quickly. It was a wonderful feeling to see them free and flying again.  I hope they do well and dont ever get caught by people who catch them and sell them to shops.

All birds should be free!

About to set them free, look at those pretty birds

Fly! You are Free.......

Fly away bird!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Our Old Buddy

Today, our old buddy, Pico came to visit us!  Even before the door bell rang, all of them knew he had arrived and is at the gate. The doggies barked as they were excited.  Then they were let out to the garden and met their old buddy. Everyone was happy to see him. Sunshine didnt mind him but was constantly looking and made sure he marked and made everyone aware that he is boss. Good thing Sunshine only marks on plants and anywhere in the garden only.

Zuma is very fond of Gladys, she would go to her and lick her face and stay right next to her. Josh, who doesnt warm up very fast with people, also loves her and would go to her. SUNSHINE who only trust ME, even he went up to her today and allowed her to pat him, Amazing!

Blossom was extremely happy to see Pico and even more happier to see Gladys. She would go up to her and wag her tail and then lie on her back for a tummy rub. Sunshine was a bit jealous when I was patting Pico and he came to me.

Everyone had a good time in the garden playing ball, expecially Jenna. Pico was a bit tired from a long trip so he didnt go for the ball.  Pico will be moving to JB with his Mummy and Daddy. We will miss him very much but we are sure that we will see each other again. 

This is Handsome Pico

Everyone loves Gladys! Especially Zuma.
 Take care Pico! Be good!

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Yesterday, all the doggies went to the groomers. Thank god they were opened as all of them were needing a bath. Sunshine was not chuffed about it as usual. I think most dogs hates the blower and the noise it makes. King and Daisy was absolutely calm about it. Josh and Jenna was fine and blossom is happy as ever, nothing can spoil her day. She was happy to see the other doggies there and wanted to be friends with everybody.

A male Shih Tzu was at the groomers and when we arrived, he said hello to everyone and he had interest in Sunshine. Sunshine was wanting a nap and could not be bothered to entertain the Shih Tzu, so the Shih Tzu went behind him and started humping him, hahahhaha, Sushine being sleepy got annoyed and growled at the little fella. He then walked away from Sunshine.

After 3 hours all of them were ready to go home. The groomers did a good job as usual and they are now clean and pretty. This groomer is the best. I have been going to them for 5 years.

King with a smile on his face and so happy to be home

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


My dogs love it when its play time. Their favourite toy? The Ball! Jenna is the 'Ball Queen' She is the best and goes absolutely crazy when she sees a ball in my hand. She is usually the winner, she gets the ball and bring it back to me, and if I was looking elsewhere, she would bring the ball right up to my feet and bark at me. She will continue to wait and look at me till I throw the ball again.

Josh will 'try' to be the champion but Jenna usually gets the ball..King isnt too bad too, he does get it too. However, Daisy would just run with them and pretend to catch the ball but she will leave it in the end. Zuma does like the ball too.

Frauline, the little puppy would run for the ball together with the rest and make a big fuss and some noise but, she doesnt really go for the ball, hahahha. She is just interested in chasing but then leaves it. Sometimes if the others has got the ball in their mouth, little Frauline would 'bite' their tail and leg hoping they would let it go.

Sunshine and blossom are not crazy about balls. They are more interested in guarding the house. Blossom loves Frogs! Some time back, my friend visited me and we were having a chat in the house and blossom wanted to play with my friend, so she thought she would go catch a frog and bring it to the front door and that way would get our attention! and it worked, hahahha.

Here are some pictures taken some time ago. I love watching them play in the garden.

Look at Frauline the wee puppy

Look at Frauline behind Jenna, she is looking elsewhere while the rest is just waiting for the ball.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Today I would like to talk about my boy, King. He was my birthday present and what a great present he was. When I met him for the first time after he arrived Malaysia, he already knew that I am his owner.  When he arrived in our home, he ran about happily, got along well with everyone and he just knew it was his home. He did not even need a couple of days to settle in. It was as though he lived here all his life. That was a real joy to see. Usually whenever I get a new dog, it will be at least weeks before they got used to things and our routine. But for King it was immediate. I could not ask for more. I was extremely pleased. He is always happy, constantly wagging his tail, and always wants to play.

A month after he arrived we went for the dog show held in Ipoh. This is his first show in Malaysia and was awarded Best In Show. I was over the moon! I was just so happy I could not stop smiling. He did very well for his first show and I am really proud of him. His half brother, Pico did very well too at a very young age. He was awarded Reserve Best In Show when he was only 13 months old. Pico now lives with a good friend of mine. He also has a cat buddy and gets along well perfectly fine eventhough he was not raised with cats. Pico went to his new home when he was almost two years old. I was amazed to see how well he got along with his new buddy.

At the end of the show, I was extremely happy and so was King, we drove home with a smile on my face while King slept on my lap contently.

He was featured in the MKA magazine and we just got the magazine a couple of days ago. Here is the write-up on King.

At home, King is just a lovely boy. He is very very affectionate and loving.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Meet Mr Bird

This is Mr Bird. My dad found him at work. He was only a very young bird then and could not fly. So my dad decided to take him home where he will be safe since he cannot fly. Not only Mr Bird could not fly, but he did not know how to eat on his own. I fed him every few hours. As weeks passed, I thought that Mr Bird should start to learn to eat on his own because I would like to let him go when he is ready and he needs to know how to feed himself.

So although it breaks my heart I had to let him eat on his own, the first day, he did not know how. I had to let him learn. By the end of the day, I fed him a little to keep him going. The next day, he realised that he will go hungry if he doesn't try and so he started eating on his own. I was very pleased as he was getting one step closer to getting released soon.

One day, he looked like he was ready to fly and so I let him go, before that, I whispered to him and said "I am always here if you need me", "I promise to look after you for as long as you want me to, but you must show me how". Then I let him go. I was really worried and not sure if other birds will attack him. Then it rained very heavily that evening. I got worried again.  As I was doing the dishes in the kitchen, I looked up and saw Mr Bird sitting at the window, he looked like as though he was asking for help. So I took him in and kept him for another 3 weeks. Finally he started flapping his wings a lot, I thought he was trying to tell me it is time. And so I let him go again. And he flew away. This time I felt better because I think he is ready. I felt a little sad but very happy that he has his freedom and can live freely now. I don't believe in keeping birds in a cage.

The next day, I wondered if he was alright but no sign of him. I waited again the next day and still nothing, I thought something must have happened. I consoled myself and said I did the best for him and the rest is beyond my control.

AND on the third day. MR BIRD CAME HOME! I was so happy to see him and to know that he is well and fine. He ran to me as though he was saying Hello! I ran into the house to take his food and fed him. He happily ate it and went on his way again. Its been eight months since I let him go and here he is, still comes home for his food and off he goes again. I am very happy to see him in my garden everyday..................

Mr Bird in my garden

Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Cheeky Monkey

Josh making faces at the camera
 Today I decided to peep on my doggies while they were sleeping.  I had my camera with me. I wanted to take pictures of them while they were sleeping.   I tried to be as quiet as I can, but my boy, Josh heard me and showed his tongue when I took his picture. hahaha.  Thank god the weather is better today, it rained for awhile and it is much cooler now. I am definately happy and so are my shelties.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

An Extremely Hot Day

Today was an extremely hot day. I wasnt happy and I bet the dogs werent too happy too. But as the sun went down, I went outside and it was cooler outside and decided to take my camera out and take some pictures. I didnt know what to take and looked up the sky and this is what I took. I think its really pretty.

After taking this picture, the dogs wanted to play and so we played ball. Here is a picture of them having loads of fun.

Ok, its been a long and hot day, and they are in the garden now. I better get them inside so I could go to bed :-)


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