Thursday, 28 June 2012

Been Busy

Hello!  I am sorry I have not updated the blog for some time....I have been extremely busy.  Had our garden fence replaced.  The old one was painted metal, now we have a galvanised one, where I wont need to worry about it getting rusty or repainting it. So thats sorted.  Also had to run around doing so many things.

Some of my doggies have gone for a 'wee holiday' and they will be back soon.  I have a few of them with me with Mr Bear.  Mr Bear is too young to go anywhere.  He will be going to his new home soon in Kelantan....thats a long long way from here.  Mr Bear is now almost 10 weeks old.  He is very cheeky, very playful, super duper cute and always up to something hahaha.....  He is very good with his potty training.  He knows, grass = toilet. 

I've heard from Whitley's owners and hopefully I will get some pictures soon.  He must be a really handsome boy now.

In this post I would also like to introduce to everyone, Daisy's Father.  He is also Mr Bear's Grand Father. His name is also 'King'.  He is 6 and a half years old. He is the Great Grand Son of Am/Can/Jpn/Int'l Ch.Golden Hylites the Phantom ROM, one of the most famous and most expensive sheltie.

I shall post about Whitley as soon as I get some pictures of him.  Till then have a wonderful evening.

Friday, 22 June 2012

King's Daddy

My boy, King, is a very handsome boy....Must have got his handsome looks from his father.  Here is a picture of his dad.  Handsome isnt he?  He sired many great dogs, one of them is King. King's biggest achievement was winning Best In show and is the only sheltie in Malaysia to have won that.  He won Best In Show when he was shown for the very first time in Malaysia and got his championship and became Malaysia's only sheltie to ever become Malaysian Grand Champion and International Champion.

I am very proud of him.  Hopefully King will sire many great dogs just like his father did.  Besides that, King is a loving, gentle and smart boy.  He is very affectionate.  I love him for what he is inside, first....then comes the looks.

Multiple BPIG Can/Int Ch Shelhaven Aviator (10 years old)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

News from Dande!

Remember Dande the rescued sheltie?? We have news from Dande!!  She is fine and well and put on more weight and her coat has grown so much and she is HAPPY.  It was a fantastic way to end my day hearing about her and getting pictures of her and to post this before I go to bed.

Everyone loved Dande, she is such a sweet girl.  She had a hard life and now she has got the life she deserves and I couldnt be happier.

Look at the pictures yourself.  She how much she has changed.  Isnt it wonderful?  A happy day for me.  Good night!

Look at Dande now!

Dande getting annoyed, hahaha...Lady is just playing with her....

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Hello!! Its me, Mr Bear, AGAIN!! human mummy said that I look different now and I've grown. She says, in the last 3 days, I have grown so much and look a little different now.  Still as handsome! hahaha

My favourite time is when I get to play outside for hours in the mornings and evenings.  I sleep with my human mummy at night and in the afternoon I sleep in my pen with all my toys.

Today, I played with Uncle Patrick and Aunty Jenna, they were nice to me.  I even checked out their water bowl, it was HUGE, compared to mine. hahahha, I could swim in it!

I have some pictures taken today and here they I look different?  Have a great evening everybody.

Yipee! Play time....

Oh there it is...the ball...

Look at that face!

Oh my, look at the bowl, I could swim in it!

My mummy, Daisy, whispering in my ears...

She told me to be a good boy, and I said Okey dokey mum....

Saturday, 16 June 2012

We Have Visitors!

Today was a really busy day.  After my daily routine, we went to the vet to get Mr Bear, vaccinated.  After that we went for lunch at my mum's and then my nephew and niece said they want to come over to my place to play with the doggies.  And so I said yes eventhough I have so many other things to do, but it can wait I guess.  Kids are very much like puppies, well almost, hahaha one thing they have in common is they make me laugh, smile and entertain me, hahhaha....I love listening to them talk.  At times I could roll on the floor and laugh with the things they say.

They had a great time.  They played ball with the adults doggies.  Laura had Xera with her but I think they were just too tired to play although Laura was very interested to play.  My nephew and niece got very excited when it was feeding time.  They both wanted to do EVERYTHING.  So I let them do some of the things to make them happy but of course I was there to supervise.  I told them what to do and they fed all the dogs and they were so happy doing it.

I also showed them what was involved caring for so many of them and the things I had to do daily.  My nephew realised it wasnt as easy as he thought.  After that we went in to have a drink and did a spelling test with my nephew which is a weekly thing that I do with him.  My niece loves being involved too.

After that they all went home.  Mr Bear was so tired he was sleeping.  He did very well in the car today on the way to the vet.

Its been awhile since I posted pictures of my adult doggies and here, I took some today.  They are probably saying - Its about time!! hahaha, as it has always been about the pups lately.

My boy, King

Having a good time with my nephew playing ball

King got the ball

This is Mr Bear's BIGGEST fan

Mr Bear all grown

Mr Bear very sleepy after a long long day....

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tall, Dark and Handsome??

Hello everyone, its me, the irresistable cutie pie, Mr Bear.  My human mummy said I have grown.  I think I have!  I am taller, so yes I am tall, Dark? hmmm....I am kinda...not as dark as my daddy....Handsome????  OF COURSE!!  Cant you see?  Even a blind person could tell. hahahahahah...Here are some shots taken today.  So, you be the judge.  Have a great evening.......

In this picture, I was trying to pee for god sake!!! Couldnt you wait?  But then, I think I look handsome here eventhough I was trying to pee!!

Me under a tree observing the rest of them play

 Woo hoo!  Play time!

Phew....getting tired, got to slow down

Oppssss... whats that

I heard something fell on the ground

Its my 'mummy's' Keys, I shall be a good boy and pick it up for her

Friday, 8 June 2012


My human mummy says I am So cute! So Irresistable.  She would drop everything just to pick me up and give me cuddles.  My new owners thinks I am so so cute too.  I think I have a lot of fans, everyone thinks I am cute.  I guess I am.....cant help it... I was born cute! hehehe

My human mummy took more pictures of me today and here they are.

Look at me, dont I look like a star?

Even when I am up to some 'no good' I will be forgiven because I am too cute!

My playmate Laura has been very nice to me.  She is very gentle and she loves to play with me eventhough I am about half her age.  She sometimes look out for me like how my mummy would.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mr Bear Playing in the garden

The weather wasnt too bad today and Mr Bear was very happy to be outside playing with his Kong toy and Laura.  He is now such a handsome boy.  He is so... so... so.... adorable I could squeeze him, hahahha.

Here, look at him having fun in the garden.

Mr Bear making an announcement :  Hey everyone, I would like to play, but be nice, because I am a wee pup and the only child, so be gentle...see that black doggie behind me?  Thats my DADDY, the 'vicious' bi black sheltie, hahahaha....

Mr Bear was checking the garden before he started playing

He was looking at the adults playing

He got all excited and was getting into the mood to play


My favourite Kong toy

Phew.....getting tired

Ok....definately tired now

Time to get some sleep....look at my sleepy face....

I love the last picture. Look at that face! Simply adorable....makes me go awwww and if he asked for anything it would be a YES, because of that FACE, hahaha...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dande in her new home

Dande's new owners came to collect her last Sunday.  Before they came I spent some time with her.  I groomed her and talked to her.  I told her that she will be fine and there is nothing to worry about.  She may not understand the words, but she surely can feel the energy I am giving out to her.

When her owners came, I explained to them what needs to be done and what needs following up.  We then put her in the car together with all the presents I got for her.  Then we said goodbye to her.  Pirate and Frolly too.  They will miss her I am sure but she will be fine.  And so Dande left Shetland Pallows to her new home to meet another sheltie, A bi black girl called Lady.

A few days ago, I received an email from her owners.  They said that she is doing fine and seems happy.  They even sent me pictures and I am very grateful.  Everything is going great for Dande and I have so many people to thank, Brian and Angeline for allowing her to stay at their home, my vet, those who have helped in so many ways and of course her owners for taking care of her now.  Thank you!

Mr Bear is getting cuter by the day....So adorable and such a cutie pie.  His new owners cant wait to take him home.  He will be going to his new home soon, when he is old enough.  I am just learning to take videos and took a video of him playing but its taking too long to load so I will just wait and do that later.  In the mean time here are some pictures of Dande in her new home.

Dande asking Lady to do some gardening??? Hahaha....

Dande and Lady playing together in their garden

Thats all for today and will keep posting on Dande whenever I get pictures and news of her.  I better get going, got a busy day ahead and got loads to do.  The weather is crazy at the moment, too hot for me.  Have a wonderful day ahead!