Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Whitley and Zeus

The weather was great again today.  The dogs were out in the garden for a long time as the weather was perfect.  I managed to take loads of pictures of Whitley and Zeus today.  They were so happy to have each other again.  Here are some pictures taken today.

Whitley and Zeus having fun

Look at them both, cutie pies!

Isnt he a handsome boy?

Look at what Whitley got in his mouth!!

Playing with each other

Whitley playing under my willow tree

Whitley resting after so much playing

After resting they played again!!

Whitley doing yoga! hahaha
They are exhausted now and sleeping.  I had a great time watching them play.  I am sure they had a great time playing with each other.  Hope you had a great day.  Cleo and Caesar are visting soon!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


The weather was fantastic for a barbie today and so we had a great barbie!  My mum and dad and my brothers were here and it was fantastic.  We had chicken wings, burger, sausages and loads of other things too.  The food was yummy thanks to Head Chef of Caledonian Shelties, hahaha.

My nephew and niece had a great time playing with all the dogs and they didnt want to leave!  Zeus is also here today. He will be staying with us for a few days while his owners are away on holiday.  Whitley is extremely happy.  They played so much and they are so tired now.  Whitley loves playing with the adults too and even more with someone his age.

The shelties had a great time playing ball with my nephew and niece.

I shall post some pictures of Zeus and Whitley tomorrow, I was too busy to take any pictures today as I was enjoying the food. hehehe...

Not long now before Fussel comes to stay with us for a while and then the 3 of them can play and am sure Caesar would come too and Cleo and that is going to be a big happy reunion for all of them.

Till tomorrow! Have a great Evening!

Saturday, 27 August 2011


It's been 27 days since Aimee and Patrick arrived.  Patrick settled in quite quickly but Aimee took a little longer and for the past few days, I noticed that Aimee is very happy and is at ease and feel totally at home now.  She is used to the routines and now she is very happy to see me and would jump on me to say hello.

The holidays is just round the corner and most people are going for short breaks and Tiny (now named Zeus) will be staying with us for a couple of days while his owners go on a short break.  I am really looking forward to see him as I really miss him and he is a very cute and funny fella.  After Zeus goes home, Fussel will be coming to stay with us for a while and also Caesar and Cleo after that.  Whitley is going to be super happy seeing all of them and playing with all of them.  It will be nice seeing all of them playing together again and I will be training Caesar and getting him ready for the dog show in December while he is here with me.

I will try and get some pictures taken while they are here if the weather is good.

Its been raining a lot these days which is good as it has been really really hot for the past couple of months.  The only thing is that I have to work harder after all of them have been playing in the garden, hahaha.

I am also looking forward to Jenna's litter. I am so excited, my first blue and tri litter.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Lots of work...

For the past 6 months, it has been fun, exciting, tiring and loads to do.  After Daisy gave birth, it was pretty easy caring for her pups although still tiring.  Then 3 weeks later Blossom gave birth to 5 puppies. So I had my hands full.  On top of that, I had Aimee and Patrick joining us.  Now, most of the pups are in their new homes except for Whitley who will be joining his new family soon in a couple of months from now.

Life is almost back to "normal" and I am still recovering from working a lot and not having enough sleep for the past couple of months.  And now, it looks like Jenna will be having pups in a couple of months, which is great! haha, if all goes well, it would be my first blue litter.  I am really looking forward to it and I cannot wait and dont mind going through it again eventhough I am just begining to get a little bit of rest.

I am constantly busy and doing lots of stuff.  For now we have a dog show coming up end September. I will most likely show King. About 4 months ago, he had lost some of his winter coat and looked a little odd, but his coat is growing very beautifully now and hopefully in time for the September show as it is an important show for King. He is now officially a Malaysian Grand Champion and hopefully in September he will be an International Champion.  He is most likely the only or the first sheltie in Malaysia to ever win Best In Show.  I am really proud of him, he is really a lovely boy even at home.

Other than that, I am busy training a young lady to show her little puppy in future. (Caledonian Superstar) Hopefully they both become SUPERSTARS! hahaha...

In between all that, I ensure all my dogs are happy and well.  Some people ask if I ever go on holiday?  and I usually laugh when they ask, because theres no such thing as holiday for me! hahahah, but then again, I am sort of on holiday every single day!

Ok got to go, Whitley's owner just called and they are on their way! Bye for now.....

Monday, 15 August 2011


Caesar and Cleo came to visit today.  Actually Caesar took out Cleo's ear brace and her owners can find the ear tape at home.  A few days before that, they came to pick Cleo and we taped her ear and I thought I had returned the tape, it must have been that we chat so much we dont even know where the tape went and I though I had returned it after taping Cleo's ears.  So when they came over today, they watched the pups play and suddenly while arranging to get a chair to sit, Caesar's owner, My friend Annie saw the tape in between some shoes! Tada! found the tape and taped Cleo's ears.

After getting the ears sorted, we just watched them play.  Jenna loves Estelle and her best friend Lelaina. She would bark at them both to say "come lets play ball" and if they just stand there and continue to talk, Jenna would then bark again and say - Lets play and she would look at them both. hahaha. Jenna is hillarious!

Here are some pictures of Caesar.  There are just so many pictures of Caesar now and in the past because he just loves posing for the camera.  The rest of them moves like speedy gonzalez and its is so hard to get a picture of them.

Its been two weeks now since Patrick and Aimee arrived.  Patrick is always happy, nothing bothers him, Aimee is fine too but she looks like she needs bit more time. She is happiest when its feeding time or when its me giving her all the attention.

Here is Jenna and Josh fighting for the ball and Aimee watching them.

Last but not the least, this is Whitley. He is a lovely boy. Very friendly and full of character. He is growing up very nicely and turning into a handsome young boy. It is not easy taking a picture of him and this is all I got today after all the clicking.  Look at him pose.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Mr Bird has a girlfriend!

For those of you who dont know who Mr Bird is, have a look at this link  . Anyway, since Daisy's and Blossom's pups were born and spent more time outdoor, Mr Bird didnt come home much as the pups are always in the garden.  I felt a little bad for Mr Bird as he didnt get to come home but I fed him outside the compound.  Today it was pretty hot outside and so the puppies had to come in a little earlier.  After getting them into the house, I went out to get their toys and I saw Mr Bird and his girlfriend!  When I let him go when he was old enough, I was worried if he would survive and if he would find himself a partner since he was raised by a human.  And nothing makes me more happy to see him with a partner and also able to look after himself and find his own food although he does come home every single day for some food.

Here he is near his favourite spot, under my willow tree, with his girlfriend.  I am really happy.  I have a pet bird, who doesnt live in a cage and free to fly just like how a bird should live and comes home everyday.

Mr Bird and his Girlfriend

 Mr Bird :-)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lovely Day

The weather today was very pleasant, it wasnt too hot and the pups had a great time outside.  Aimee and Patrick are adjusting very well.  I cant wait till Aimee is in full bloom again and Patrick have his adult full bloom coat.  Josh's coat is really lovely now. Look at the colour, beautiful shinny black all thanks to the good stuff they eat every single day.

Here he is in the garden, he doesnt know I am taking a picture of him.

Opps! he saw me and walking away, he dont really like the camera, hahaha..

Then we played ball, they love it and never get bored of it.

Jenna and King waiting for the ball

King got the ball :-)

Josh and Patrick, best friends!

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Its been 4 days now since Aimee and Patrick arrived and they are settling in very well.  They are happy and they get along very well with the others.  Patrick is constantly wagging his tail and he loves his food!  Here they are playing in the garden.

And my dear Jenna decided to pull Josh's tail and he was running away from her in this picture, hahaha.

The weather today has been absolutely wonderful and they been out a lot today.  Reminds me of Scotland!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Welcome Patrick and Aimee!

Its been all about the pups for the past few months. Its time to talk about the adults, hahah.  Today my two new shelties arrived home.  They are Aimee, a tri coloured girl and Patrick a Bi Blue.  And now the sheltie family is complete!  I now have all colours, sables, tri, bi black, bi blue and blue merle. Couldnt be happier!

Aimee is about 19 months old and my dear Patrick is 7 months old.  Aimee is out of coat now as she is due to come in heat anytime.  Patrick will be full bloom when he is older and he will have tons of coat.

My day started as early as 5am, getting the pups and the adults fed, doing chores and just getting ready for them to come home. Once they got home, they were a little unsure but got settled quite quickly.  Josh and King had no issues with them and they all played together.  Surprisingly Sunshine was ok about ANOTHER male arriving. Cant complaint. AM happy.

They went to the groomers before coming home, and when they got home, they were fed and introduced to the rest of them.  Aimee is a sweet girl and will call for attention.  Patrick is a happy boy!

Here are some pictures of them taken today in the garden.