Friday, 29 July 2011

See you again Fussel!

My little handsome puppy has gone to his new home today. His new owners named him Fussel because he is so fluffy!  Fussel is a very happy boy, he loves people and he has a very sweet nature. He will come running to me when he is called.  He went to his new home this evening and now lives with one human mummy and one human daddy and two older human brothers, hehehe.  They absolutely love him and adore him.  When Fussel's owners arrived to pick him up, he had just played in the garden for quite abit. After seeing them he wagged his tail and when we went to the table to have a chat, he was placed on the table and he fell asleep!

After our chat, it was time to leave.  I let him out in the garden to pee and then he was on his way to his new home. I told him to be a good boy and he promised.  He wont be having any doggie friends but he has two terrapin friends in his new home!  I will miss Fussel, but I will see him again soon, which is great! I am happy he has got a lovely family and I know they will love him to bits. Be good Fussel boy, I love you and see you soon!

Its quite hard to get a picture of Fussel sometimes, he doesnt pose for the camera and wont look at the camera and will look elsewhere. His brother Ceasar loves posing for the camera. hahaha That is why I have so many pictures of Ceasar.

Fussel has the exact same marking as his father on his face.  Here is his handsome daddy!

Ceasar off to his new home.

Ceasar has just left to his new home.  His lovely owners came to pick him this afternoon.  After a chat with his owners,  I said goobye to him, gave him a kiss and told him to be a good boy, hehe.  I cant say that I am sad because I will still see him and watch him grow, but I will miss him as he has been with me since he was born.  But I am happy that he has lots of other doggie friends waiting for him at home and he will always have so many of them to play with.  Above all, I know he will be loved by everyone at home.  See you soon Ceasar! Cant wait to see you in the show ring where you will shine like a SUPERSTAR!

This is Ceasar when he was a few hours old.

This is Ceasar now, a handsome young boy.

Be good little fella, I will see you soon and I love you!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bracing Puppies Ears

Daisy's pups had their ears braced today.  They allowed me to do it with no hastle at all!  They were such angels and I did it very quickly. Ear bracing does not hurt them or anything like that.  They may feel weird at first and begin to try and scratch and remove it but after a couple of days, they get used to it. Bracing usually takes perseverance and time and may take up to six months to get that perfect ears.  Here is Ceasar just after getting his ears braced.

The cutie pie is trying to remove the tape

Trying again and not giving up

After all the trying, he went ahead and played with his brothers and forgot about it! hehe....Here is a pretty flower in my garden.  Ceasar and his brothers will be leaving for their new home soon but I am very happy that I will get to see Ceasar quite often as he will be shown when he gets older and I will be there at every show.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Meet My New Gardener!

This is my new gardener, Caledonian Superstar! hehe... The pups were out this evening and playing and I had my camera with me, this little fella decided to help me pick up some dried leaves that he had found. What a cutie pie.  He is growing into a very handsome young boy.  We have high hopes for him and he will be shown when he is a little older.  Here he is helping out in the garden.

After helping out in the garden, we were training him to stack on the table.

Since he is such a cutie pie, here is more pictures of him.

Now, meet Blossom's baby, Patrick! He is a real cutie pie as well.

We went to look for some plants yesterday and found this lovely plant and had to buy it. Isnt it pretty?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Watching A Sheltie Grow

Watching a sheltie grow from the day it was born is an amazing experience.  Unlike other dogs, a sheltie's colour is constantly changing. I dont mean that a sable and white sheltie will change into a blue merle, what I mean is that their shades are constantly changing, they can be born really dark and then become lighter and then have dark shades later in life.  Here are some pictures of the same pup and you can see how its colour is constantly changing. I would say at two years of age, you would see the real and final colour.  And thats when they look their best as well with their full coat.  Not all of them get their full coat at the same age. Some very early and some slightly later.

New born sheltie

Four days old

Ten days old (pup on the right)

19 Days Old

30 days old

Almost 7 weeks old

From the picture you can see the colour changing from the day they were born.  It doesnt stop here, and I will continue posting more pictures as they grow.  What do you think of these pictures?  From a wee mouse looking pup, to a cute little fella, to a georgeous puppy and surely to a stunning looking handsome boy when he grows up.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Out for the first time

Blossom's pups are not even 4 weeks old yet, but they are one active bunch. They are already walking steady and they started on solid food at 3 weeks of age and they absolutely love it!  Today they went out for the first time, they ran and played and after we put them in, they slept like a baby.

Here they are, they will be 4 weeks old tomorrow.

This is Patrick, he is a funny fella

This is Blossom's girl

Daisy's pups will be vaccinated and microchipped in couple of days time.  They will be exactly 7 weeks old tomorrow.  Here are some pictures of them taken this morning when they were playing outside.

Friday, 15 July 2011


Daisy's pups are out and playing, they love being outdoors very much.  Here are pictures of them playing in the garden.

They will be 7 weeks old in a couple of days.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

3 Weeks old today.

Blossom's pups are three weeks old today.  They are really a very active bunch of puppies.  They are only three weeks old but very steady and can walk about.  They are also getting cuter by the day.

Here they are at 3 weeks old.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

We are running!

Daisy's pups are really cute. A week ago they were still wobbly and today they are already running and playing with each other!  They even come when they are called! Just excellent.  They are being toilet trained and they have been doing such a great job.  Whenever they are outside, they will always choose the grass eventhough they could have always done it elsewhere.  I love dogs that does their bussiness on grass.

Here are some pictures taken today.  I am still working on taking a picture of all of them together but sometimes quite impossible as they go different ways and move too fast.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Feeding Time

Daisy's pups are on solids now and no more on mummy's milk. At first they ate very slow and now it is only a matter of seconds before the finish everything. They are now on soaked solid food till they are ready to eat dry kibbles which wont be long from now.

Here is their dinner!


They are now 5 weeks old.  Here are some pictures of them.

Blossom's pups are now 16 days old, they are really active and growing very very well.  Here they are.  Their eyes are opened too when they were 12 days old.


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sleeping with a smile

Look at that little one sleeping with a smile on his face (they were playing in the garden and decided to take a nap)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Fantastic Morning!

Today I woke up, fed the dogs and realised what a cool day it was.  It has been so hot recently that what I had today was almost unbelievable.  The weather was so cool and there was a cool breeze. It reminds me of the weather in Scotland.  Although not as cool as Scotland, it was good enough to make my day. For the first time in a long long time, we were able to have breakfast in the garden!! It was french toast and a cup of tea with my cute little puppies walking about.

Here are some pictures taken today.