Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Most expensive Chicken rice and Pisang goreng??

For the past few days or shall I say weeks, we were on a Gourmet Safari.... hahahah...Well, I couldnt care much about clothes and shoes or handbags and I love food and dont mind spending on food...everything was good but today the experience was different.  I thought we had the most expensive chicken rice and pisang goreng! But for the chicken rice, Singapore beat us by a difference of RM4.25.  The chicken rice we had today cost us RM63.25!!!  Thats the most expensive chicken rice I have ever had!  But the pisang goreng was a different story! It cost RM51.75....I still cant believe I paid that price for ONE banana! hahahaha....This must be the most expensive pisang goreng in the world!  Call me crazy!

Honey Bun and Auggie have grown.  Honey Bun is super sweet and Auggie boy is a lazy boy, but very loving.  Ellie will be leaving to her new home in a few days time.  I am excited as I will be meeting Luna soon with her owner.  Her owner has now named her PIxie.

Honey Bun, Auggie and Ellie loves playing ball.  Everytime I throw the ball, the adults will want to run for it too....Honey Bun is really cute and funny.  Before I could throw the ball, she would jump on Josh as though she is trying to stop him from getting the ball...hahahah...josh usually get the ball first. So, Honey Bun will jump and stay on top of Josh hoping she could get the ball first!  Clever girl you are Honey Bun!

Here are some pictures of them taken recently.

My little sweetheart, Honey Bun

And My Darling boy, Auggie

The chicken rice we had for lunch!!

And the pisang goreng we had!!

The beautiful conservatory where tea is served

The dinning room.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

They've Grown!

Aimee's pups are now 4 months old.  We started leash training about a week ago....Honey Bun likes it and was the easies.  Ellie was not too bad, BUT Auggie is a real lazy bum... We are still working on him....Auggie is lazy, spoilt and a big bully! hahaha...but still very adorable...Here are some pictures taken yesterday during leash training and play time.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mr Bird

Two years, after letting Mr Bird free when he was ready to fly, after months of looking after him when he fell off his nest...he still comes home...here he is at my garden.  So happy!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Our first Sheltie Gathering

I had a good time yesterday.  We organised a small Sheltie Gathering and everything went well and the weather was good, thank god for that.  I was worried it would rain as it rained almost everyday for the past few days. Although it was only a small gathering, I put in so much effort to make it as perfect as possible.  I wanted a place where we could let the dogs free without worrying about them.  And so I found a place and rented the place so we could have the place all to ourselves that day.  I have been planning for this gathering for a long time.. I even booked the place a month before our gathering and all other planning about 3 months before.

I did most of the things myself...and there was a lot to do, but it was all worth it.  I would be happier if all the shelties who have left me could attend, but unfortunately, some of them live as far as Singapore and Kelantan and some just could not get the day off from work, but I am still very happy to see all of them.  On the way there, I was just thinking of all of them and had a tear in my eyes, because I was happy and excited I was going to see them.  I would have loved to invite some of Aimee's pups who have just left me but they are too young to go and so I would have to see them some other time.  Auggie, Honey Bun and Ellie had to stay at home too...They can go out once they have completed their final vaccination soon.

I took lots of pictures yesterday and here are some to give you an idea what it was like...

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Leash Training

Most dogs needs to be leash trained.  Some, trying leash training for the first time would think that their dog would never walk on leash.  Leash training takes a bit of time and lots of patience.  Some first time dog owners expect them to walk on leash immediately.  Just do it 5 mins a day, do not force or pull them, use food and praise to encourage them and before you know it, TADA! they are walking on leash!

I been doing leash training on Auggie, Honey Bun, Luna and Ellie.  Honey Bun did very well for the first time,  Auggie is a lazy bum, hahaha....and Luna and Ellie is doing great...Leash training is not my favourite thing to do but it has to be done.  So, I am doing it everyday now...

I took some pictures of them during their training for the first time.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Busy Busy!

Oh My...I just realised that I've been updating the blog on a weekly basis for the past 3 weeks or so...I used to update it at least 3 times a week in the past.  Well I have been super busy...nothing new I know...but this time its for something really special.  Busy organizing and planning lots of things...Want everything to be as perfect as possible.....I got most of the things done...got a few more things to get...Need to get salmon, caviar and a few more items for the canap├ęs and also drinks. Only got this so far! hahahaha....dont worry will get more that just this. Oh yes, got some Irn-Bru too.

As for the pups, they are 3 months old now! They have grown so much and really keeping me busy by ripping off each others ear tape and I am doing it on a daily basis!!! Here is Ellie, her ear tape just came off and am having to redo it again!!! But a real joy to watch them.  So loving and gorgeous they are...I only manage her pic because it rained after that!  Honey Bun is a real darling and Auggie is my handsome boy and Luna, a precious loving girl.