Sunday, 16 June 2013

Honey Bun Goes Swimming!

Yesterday, my friends and I took our dogs swimming...I took Honey Bun with me. I woke up extra early to get everything sorted at home and left to meet my friends and we went there together. Honey Bun was super well behaved in the car...she is very mature for her age and never bothered me while I was driving.  She was sitting next to me.

When we arrived, we got them ready and put on the dog life jacket....Honey Bun was ok and so was Atlas BUT King stood still...hahahaha it was hilarious...This is King's and Nina's second time and first for Honey Bun and Atlas.

King werent too happy, Nina really enjoyed herself this time and Honey Bun was scared at first but after that was Ok, but I dont think she would want to do it again, hahaha...

After swimming for a while, we gave them a bath and dried them and we headed home.  I took some pictures but they arent great because we had a blue polycarbonate roof over us and it was all BLUE! haha..We did have fun and may try and find a better pool..Hopefully Honey Bun will like it.  I believe if they werent traumatised the first time, slowly but surely they may like it very much.  Here are some pictures.

Atlas curious

Atlas getting ready to swim

My Little Honey Bun resting after swimming.

Friday, 7 June 2013


I finally have a picture of Caledonian Wild Fire (King) to show you, thanks to Mrs Tan...He is two years old now...what a handsome boy he has grown into...he is Whitley's brother.  I met King the other day....lovely handsome boy.

This pic was taken while he and his owners were on holiday in Port Dickson. Got to am going for banana leaf rice with my friends!  Have a great weekend ahead.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I received pictures from Whitley's time flies...He is already two years old...What a handsome boy he has grown into..He is Blossom and King's (Lastcastle's Ticker Tape) son. Here is Whitley in his garden in Singapore.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Play Time!

Cleo and Cody is staying with us and Honey Bun and Auggie are enjoying them being around...They love playing together...Here is the four of them having fun..They are now 5 months old.

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Last week, I had a lovely weekend with my friends and meeting Mrs Tan and her sheltie...This weekend was even better!  Spent time with my friends and their shelties and also we were with Atlas and Pixie and their owners too...Once again I took Honey Bun with me to the dog friendly park...This time...she was very comfortable in the car...she is getting used to it...Super well behaved, sat still and enjoyed the ride..

I was so happy to see Atlas again...and of course Pixie and King and Nina too...Here are some pictures that I took yesterday...




Last night, after getting home from the park....I was exhausted...because my dad found another bird and so he called me!!!  And now I have a baby bird to care for AGAIN!!! hahahaha....its not easy caring for a baby bird...they constantly need to be fed.  This time its a Myna..The biggest bird I have cared for so far...used to be smaller ones like Sparrows and others...

So here is Ms Myna...she cant fly and needs to be fed...will have to teach her to eat on her own before I can set her free...

To make things more exciting....Cleo and Cody (Honey Bun and Auggie's Brother and Sister) are here with me and will be staying with me for a few days while their owners are very happy to see them..Honey Bun and Auggie are both very happy too...When Cleo and Cody arrived....they felt totally at home and was so excited to see Honey Bun and Auggie again...Luna is really happy too and playing with the pups alot now..

Ok, that is all for now, I need to check on the bird and go to bed...Have a great evening...