Thursday, 30 June 2011

Daisy's pups go out for the first time

The 3 musketeers are a month old now. It has been really hot for the past couple of weeks and today was a nice cool day in the evening and thought it would be the perfect time to let Daisy's pup out for the first time.  They still cant walk perfect yet, but they are learning. They looked absolutely adorable in the garden as I watch them explore, playing with each other and then fall while playing or while walking.

At first they were unsure, then Daisy and Blossom stayed with them and I did too. Then they begin walking about.

They have also started learning to eat solid food and slowly they will be weaned off their mothers milk.

Here they are out in the garden for the first time.

Look at those cheeky eyes

Exploring together

Tired after awhile and time for bed

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Blossom's Pups

Blossom's pups are now four days old. Blossom is a very good mother. Even the slightest sound from her babies will make her drop everything else and run to check on her pups. Here they are at four days old.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Clan Macqueen

Do I look great with this Clan Macqueen Tartan Scarf? My humans thinks so.

Daisy's Pups

Daisy's pups are now 24 days old. They are learning to walk now. Here are some pictures of them. It is not easy to take their pictures unless they are sleeping. Some of the pictures here arent the best but they are cute to me.

Experimenting with his mouth

Aww look at them both, doesnt it make you melt?

I couldnt help it and had to take this picture of his cute paw.


Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Blossom has given birth to 5 puppies today, 4 boys and 1 girl. Blossom and the puppies are fine. At 11.30 this morning she started showing signs she was going to give birth soon. She didnt want her breakfast. Daisy and Blossom gave birth during the day and I am so happy and thankful for that. Blossom gave birth to her first pup today at 3.30pm and we finished at 9pm! I am totally knackered! Had dinner at 9.15 and then cleaned up. I am very tired but happy everything went well.

Daisy gave birth three weeks ago, on a Tuesday, and today Blossom gave birth, on a Tuesday too! Daisy's pups are now exactly 3 weeks old and they are so adorable.

Here they are the 5 of them, born today.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


The 3 little cutie pies have opened their eyes! they are 19 days old today. One of them opened his eyes 2 days ago and the rest was yesterday and today. First you will see a sparkle and realise that their eyes will be opened soon, the next day you can see their eyes completely opened.

Here they are at 19 days old and getting cuter by the day.

This is Caledonian Super Star. He was feeding and I turned away for a few seconds and he crawled and found a spot and fell asleep. Hahaha, I then picked him up and put him back in his bed. Isnt he adorable? This super star is spoken for.

And this little fella is Caledonian Pride. He is a lovely cutie pie. He is spoken for as well.

Last but not least, Caledonian Dragon Warrior! He is one cheeky fella.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


I took these pictures while they were playing in the garden today. It was a hot day but it got cooler and so they were let out earlier than their usual time.

Josh's coat is lovely now. It is really dark and shiny. 

Here they are having a great time playing.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

2 Weeks Old

Daisy's boys were born two weeks ago and they are exactly two weeks old today.  They are growing very well and they are beautiful.  Even at such a young age you can see their coat shinning!

Here they are at 2 weeks old. Something really funny happened yesterday. One of the boys were not happy.  He was whining after being fed.  He really did look like he had enough to drink as his tummy was really big.  So I thought he was uncomfortable from drinking too much.  I gave him something so he could feel better but, that didnt work.  I was puzzled because the rest of them were sleeping soundly.  So I picked him up and pat him but that didnt work either. Then at the spot where I was sitting, I put him down and he slept straight away!  He liked the cool tiles and just continued sleeping, hahahah.  After awhile I picked him up and put him back into his bed and he was alright.

I have also decided on their pedigree names. They are Caledonian Pride, Caledonian Super Star and Caledonian Dragon Warrior.

Not long now before blossom gives birth.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

12 Days Old

The 3 little boys are 12 days old today. I took some really cute pictures of them and here they are.  In the first picture, the little fella had just finish feeding and feeling very sleepy, I picked him up to put him back to his bed and he just fell asleep in my hands, Isnt he so adorable?

I love this picture too, he is waving and saying "Hello everyone"

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Three Musketeers

The 3 boys are 10 days old today. They are growing well. Soon they will open their eyes in a couple of days. They are so cute to watch. Sometimes you find them sucking each others ears thinking its mummy's teats, hahaha. I cant wait till they are older and running about in the garden. It will be facinating. I love puppies. They make me smile.

Here they are at 10 days old.

Look at how they sleep

So Loving!

Look at how cute he is when he is asleep

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

7 Days old

The little cutie pies are 7 days old today. Their little bed is looking smaller because they are getting bigger. I love watching them sleep. Makes me wish I was a puppy sometimes. Not just any puppy, a sheltie puppy! hahah with a good owner. I love watching them after they have had enough to drink and they just fall off from their mother's teats. I would carry them with both my hands and kiss them on the face and they wont even know a thing. I love the way puppies smell, they just smell so lovely.

Here they are at 7 days old sleeping soundly after feeding.

Look at that wee Flasher!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Four Days Old

The 3 boys which I have yet to name, is four days old today. Daisy and the 3 boys are doing very well. Daisy is eating very well now. The puppies are always at the milk bar getting drunk apart from sleeping alot. hehe. They are growing well and they are getting cuter each day.

Here are some pictures taken today.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Number 3

Hi! I am boy number 3. My picture was not posted together with my brothers earlier, because I came out from my mum 8 hours later!

Anyway, here is a handsome picture of ME!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

One more!

Yesterday evening when I finally manage to relax a little, Daisy started panting. It was quite a cool day and all the others were running outside and still wasnt panting as hard as her, so I took her in again, went into the room and got ready. Another Boy came out! So theres three of them now. The first boy was at half past ten, the second was an hour later and the third was 8 hours later!

During the night I had to wake up every two hours to check on them and get them to feed. I am so tired, but happy. So its 3 of them now, they just been fed and now sleeping.