Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Hello everyone, its me, Honey Bun. How are you all doing? Mum said I could post something here today. Last weekend, while I was playing in the garden, mum called out for me and asked me if I would like to go on a trip! So, I said, I didn't mind and so off we went. I didn't know where we were going but I was up for it. Here are some pictures I took, hahaha..ok,..ok, well not me but here they are anyway when I went on that lovely trip with mum and dad.

I was playing in the garden....

I was having so much fun!

Then I heard Mum calling me....

OK Mum, I am coming!!

When we arrived, I saw this....Mum said, its a Paddy Field.

And she said this is what rice grains looks like...

We saw some beautiful birds at the paddy field looking for fish.

More Birds!

There are so many of them! away birdies!!
Mum said the main reason why we went there was because we were going to get our monthly fish supply..

More fish!

And more fish!

AND MORE FISH! Mum goes crazy when she sees so many fresh fish.

This one is a strange looking fish. But Mum said it is yummy.

And More fish....

Look !!! aren't they just so adorable? they look like they have lipstick on...hahaha..

Last but not least, mum asked me to give everyone an update on Ms Miow. She has grown quite a bit and her coat is looking a lot better compared to when Mum first brought her home when she was found at the market. Ms Miow is very playful, she loves climbing on Mum's plants. I tried being friends with her but she is a pain in the bum (shhhhhh...dont tell mum I said that) because everytime I try to play with her, she thinks I am a threat! Come on Miow, I am a SHELTIE! I wont hurt you! Just want to be pals....