Saturday, 31 May 2014


We had a great time yesterday..Our friends came to visit with their doggies, Sherman and Bingo. We sat in the garden and watched them play, talked about our doggies and had a good laugh too.

Here are some pictures of our doggie visitors.  I was looking after Sherman till this kind lady offered to adopt the puppy.  I missed the puppy so much and was super glad to see it all grown now and well cared for.

Sherman when it was just a little pup
This is Bingo

Wee!! Bingo having fun

Sherman is still a very sweet puppy, matured and so well behaved

Sherman remembers Honey Bun


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Kitty Cat

Remember we were talking about a kitten we found 20 days ago?  Well, we have been treating him, he has put on some weight and is at a healthy weight now.  When we found him, he only had one eye....we found him lying in the middle of the road.  We are taking him to the vet today for his final shots. He is enjoying his life now in a safe and clean environment.  He is doing very well now.  Honey Bun and Sunshine accepts him and he is getting very comfortable being around the dogs.

Here are some pictures of the kitty :)

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

In the sun!

Honey Bun loves the moning sun...she loves to sunbath too....they dont do it just for fun.  They know its good for them :)

My sweetie pie, Honey Bun, this morning in the garden.

My dear Sunshine, sleepy...waiting to be groomed to get in the house.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Port Dickson

Last week, we went to Port Dickson to visit my friend and her four shelties, Blossom, Gracie, Glory and Enya.  They will be leaving for England very soon.  We had fun watching them in the swimming pool.  They love swimming and the pool so much!  If you mention the word "POOL"  they get so excited!  Here are some pictures and you will see what I mean.

All getting ready to get into the pool

Look at them swim!

Gracie absolutely loves swimming

Enya retrieving a toy

Look at Enya!

Gracie taking Enya for a "ride" hahaha

Gracie's turn, look at her absolutely fearless

Enya jumping into the pool again

Sweet dear Blossom, who loves everyone.

Honey Bun decided that she is not getting wet that day! haha...thats them after a swim and getting a rinse