Friday, 16 August 2013

Honey Bun

My little princess, Honey Bun is not so little anymore. She is almost 8 months old.  She is beautiful and have a wonderful character.  She is loving, gentle and very well behaved.  She takes after her father, Sunshine.  When I got Sunshine at 8 months old, he too was beautiful and very very well behaved and very mature.  Honey Bun is very mature for her age too. How time flies.  Sunshine is 7 years old now.

I took some pictures of Honey Bun yesterday and here they are. From a tiny pup to this beautiful sheltie. Notice how their coat changes as they grow?  Shelties are like wine.  They only get more beautiful as they grow.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The two 'C'

Hello!! Sorry for the long pause, as usual, BUSY! Wanted to go on a holiday but that didnt work out..well there is still hope...soon I hope!

Its such a coincidence that everytime Cleo stays with me, Cody would join in too! hahaha...Cleo's family went on a holiday and so they left Cleo with me....after 12 days Cody came. Cody is here with me now and will be going home tomorrow.

I dont mind caring for dogs that are trained and have the same lifestyle as my dogs so it is easier to manage.  Honey Bun is happy to have Cleo and then Cody....Auggie left for his new home last week.  His new family is very happy and impressed with him as he is such a good boy.

I didnt manage any pictures of Cleo as I was busy then, but today manage two pictures of Cody and here they are.

I am very happy I get to see them so often.They are so loved and well cared for by their family. Nothing makes me happier.

Cody all grown at 7 months old

Hehe...look at him, this is when he was just a wee puppy!